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  1. The "Leader" is a joke....i have found several videos of this "militia" and the guy doesn't know how to take off his own gear. He has others taking it off for him. Unfortunately there will be those who are going to jump on this train and it may spread like cancer. I don't understand the logic of waging war on III% or "white" militias. To my knowledge, there are people of all color in the III%'s and militias.....but I guess its the same divisive narrative as there being a "Black" national anthem. Is this going to become a credible threat, or are these people just playing dress up? Please advise.
  2. AzChigger


  3. I'm in phoenix and would like to meet some good people that have the 3% mindset. I see the tailspin we are in as a community and country. My calling to protect the sheep from the wolves is stronger today than yesterday and every day before that. I would like to see what I can help the community of like minded people with.

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    2. JD "Doc" Fraley

      JD "Doc" Fraley

      The Phoenix show has been postponed until September but there is a show in Prescott in August. 

    3. AzChigger


      Understood. What are your thoughts on the possibility of this new NFAC becoming a viable threat here in AZ? 

    4. JD "Doc" Fraley

      JD "Doc" Fraley

      NFAC? Haven't seen this yet,  who are they?

  4. I am looking to meet a group in which I might be able to contribute to or learn from. I am in the concrete jungle of Phoenix and fear for the sheep around me. My calling to be a sheepdog is stronger today than yesterday or the day before as I watch this downward spiral of my surroundings.

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