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  1. You say your are in the 205 but you have never contacted me to talk about what you expect and what you bring to the table. This is not a join and then quit unit. If you are serious the contact me at [email protected] and then we will set up a communications site. If you are not serious please remove your name from the unit.

  2. I manage and lead a team of 185 people in food service. My understanding of chain of command is adequate. A law abiding citizen is essential in a squad or brigade system because there is an understanding of laws and regulations. The necessity of this fundamental rationale should be and is a basic principle of any one in a leadership position.
  3. I’m here to learn more about how I can offer my leadership skills and talents to protect and defend the constitution of the United States. i have no formal military training but am highly disciplined and motivated with a lawful mindset. This is a venture in learning and growing and offering myself in the service of my state and country. I am a concerned law abiding tax paying citizen who is fed up with the chaos that is brewing in our state and country. I am here to find like minded individuals who share the expectations and beliefs that I hold as truth. Regards.

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