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  1. Scared.  Who can you trust. I want to join to be able to share support for our freedom and our flag. I don't know how we can stick together. Don't trust social media, actually any electronic communication is being monitored. If I could find some folks close or in Chloride AZ . Still hope our president gets 4 more years. 

  2. I'm an old(65) new be. Not sure where to go from here. For the most part I stay to myself. I'm thinking there is a need to be a part of folks that believe in America and the constitution. I Vote and Wright my share to our representatives. I moved here because its a simple state with folks that believe in 2nd amendment. My hope is people that moved here to change the laws should go back to the state they came from.. I am a life member of NRA etc. I'm in Chloride AZ . When I figure out how and where to post ill do some of that. Thanks.

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