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  1. Thank you SecurityGuy42. Regardless of which outfit I join and end up sticking with, I truly hope to reach out to any Patriots out there. I see it like Army and Marines. Obviously, the Army is vastly superior, but that doesn't mean I won't bring a box of crayons for the Marines to nibble on while the Army does grown up things... right? Seriously, though, I really need to surround myself with patriots. The Anti-American and apathetic-Americans are really depleting my energy. I just need to be around people how understand me. ~Boz
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  3. Hello everyone, My name is Boz and I just joined the Illinois Sons of Liberty. I'm posting this intro as I am new to MyMilitia.com and want to extend my gratitude to the community. Quick background, I am former Army (Commo/Medical/Training-Ops), Iraq Veteran. I am quite eager to meet any Patriots from any group down around Manito IL. These are trying times for our Nation and it is all too easy to feel isolated amidst the sea apathy and lunacy all around us. A few level heads, who still feel gratitude to this Nation and keep abreast of world events would be a welcome addition to my world at the moment. Thank you all for your time.

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