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  1. Which is exactly why I have tweeted this to Trumps Page, to simply take a photo of the ballot we fill out, get it to the white house in case he loses he could demand a recount because he would have all the ballots to prove it.
  2. no he is Republican but retiring this year, so he doesn't care.
  3. Well it seems they have won the mail-in vote ...this is the only way we can vote in the state of Utah.. due to covid of course ...it's clearly a rigged attempt to steal the election. We need to take pictures of our voting ballot before mailing it in... Get that picture sent to the White House so he can demand a recount in case he loses. Anybody have ideas on how to get this message out quickly to the most amount of people... In order to start a movement somehow?
  4. Chelle

    Chelle Smith

  5. Just introducing myself and am here to help where I can.

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