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  1. I have seen that with George Bush. There are people trying to document/save, but social media is doing a good job of hiding/destroying things. QAnon are talking abt Antifa coming to residential areas which is why I am on here. I am a woman, in bad health, alone in unprotected situation. I am completely alone and feeling very unsafe and looking for like minded in area.
  2. Hi, I have been following QAnon since it's inception in 2017 - not here to argue that - just giving context and background. I was watching a video that had info at end saying a way to connect with like minded in area. I am a 56 yr old woman and completely alone in a very vulnerable position. I am currently in a temporary, emergency shelter and have been homeless for several yrs. The unit I am in is private, but bad for my health in many ways and it is in a very vulnerable spot. It is also not stable as I have been on the verge of being back on the streeral times and any day I could be forced to leave. I am working on obtaining stable, safe, housing so I can get some foundation to stand on. It was being talked abt that Antifa was headed for suburbs and residential areas in Oct then suddenly I heard they were planning that for tonight during fireworks. I have no onertify myself that way,is my feeling that I would be on their radar. Ultimately I really need a safe, healthy place to stay for a few months so I can work on getting on my feet, but if I could be given a place to stay fora few nights while these threats are current, that would be very reassuring. I'm not in an unsafe area in general, but I am in an unsafe unit, position. Most vulnerable unit in building. I am not in a position to defend myself. No gun anda don't know how to use. I have wanted to fortify myself that way but life has been survival mode for a long while, even before I became homeless. I'm completely alone and feeling scared. I am hoping to connect to some in my area ASAP. Please direct or help if can in any way. God bless. 

    1. Constitutional Patriot

      Constitutional Patriot

      Guidiance: 1) Spend time in the Bible. There is boundless encouragement in the Gospels. Psalm 91 is incredible for knowing that Lord Jesus protects you.

                          2) Learn unarmed self defense. Pokes in the eye. Breaking fingers. Defending against deadly threats with knives or glass bottles works.

                         3 ) Join a local militia. Meet the other members in person.

    2. Geri Messina

      Geri Messina

      Thank you for responding. I spend every day in the Bible. God is the head and center of my life,. but we have to take practical measures as well. I have God and He has been my strength, but I am in need of support now so I am reaching out. With all due respect, learning those things would do nothing for me in the event that 6+ Antifa come storming my door. IN NYC, Seattle they are over taking families raping, sodomising fathers in front of  wives and children, raping children in front of fathers. I have had health conditions I have been able to manage prior to becoming homeless without opportunity to gain ground on that, and now since homeless past few yrs, my health has drastically declined and it is doing me in. Chronic conditions are worse. You have no idea how helpless that feels when so alone and such potential threat. I can not get proper med care and (complicated) but I could do better without if I had a safe, healthy place to live. My feet and legs are swelled with edema so I can't even get shoes fully on most days - can not take only med that helps due to low blood pressure. Bottom line? I need human assistance. I actually don't need much to get on my own feet but have not had that - not from Church not form any community and certainly not from Gov't. They will only help if you are needing or willing to be fully dependant, ie, mentally ill, drug dependant etc. 

  3. Geri Messina

    Geri Messina

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