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  1. I would be leary of anyone proclaiming a Intel or anything in a milita. Far to many fake special forced wannabes. Intel is a group effort and I can't see groups begin effective with more then 20 people.
  2. Ex Exactly and a Mexican military has been given our surplus. 45 acp is a dead caliber
  3. cubans don't have a navy or nor do they have a larger enough army to invade..... the caliber died when people found out it wasn't very effective.
  4. some guy is on youtube calling himself the Wolverines
  5. Great little group of people teaching basic riflemen skills.
  6. what invading force still uses 7.62x39 ? my ammo choice would be 10mm. Ideally you can shoot 40sw which i hate that round but the 10mm is pretty easy to find and the firepower you can get from one is quite nice. Hell some of the penetrating rounds make bullet resistant glass look like butter.
  7. i had the chinense clone of the aimpoint it seemed to work ok
  8. You won't be in the main fight that seems a bit loony. Gorilla warfare is about all you have
  9. Wisconsin ravens own all of wisconsin for a militia force. If you need information let us know