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  1. So you going clean up the Capitol and accomplish nothing again?
  2. Well I use a filtered full face mask. The waterbourn stuff is a lot nicer.
  3. Trump isn't a ally to anyone but himself and the cowardness goes to the ones who banned it the ATF trump and the NRA . I am asking you if your so bold in your statement to make some videos of you using one at a public range. Or are you just to chicken to do so. Let's see this big game
  4. Sorry when they shoot your dog for a bump stock and wife and kids.... they will always be in the right. If you think you're right then I guess you must be at the public ranges with them.
  5. Atf and trump cant ban anything...oh so where's your bump stock
  6. Nothing wrong with resistance of the Leo's when you haven't committed a crime. Plenty of the Leo's are mini tyrants running around acting like dicks.
  7. How can you not not ? Trumps supports the atf banning pistol braces. That would be the simplest way of it
  8. Looks like the anti gun trump strikes again. https://youtu.be/FAwVFaezTgQ
  9. Those pawns are the same people who got Hitler elected.
  10. What leadership skills do you have ? What makes a law abiding citizen a good thing?

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