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  1. Gee i wonder why the guy getting funded by a competitor coffee company would be so outspoken. Same guy who has trump as the most anti gun president video.
  2. Trump did the same thing and yet people vote for him. Plus trumps Anti gun as well. I dunno I am tired of cancel culture.
  3. Meh and if we looked at who trump donated to..... Let's face it they probably donated like trump mentioned. To keep their business going forward.
  4. Once again our stupid side who said we dont do cancel culture. Lose their shit over something they don't understand the entire story.
  5. Or you have never attempted to get more then 5 people to show up to anything once a month. Fire teams and squads are probably the easiest route to go and leadersless means. Anyone can take that role. Incase someone dies.
  6. Used to live in that area. Its all shitty black gangs and Mexicans
  7. Currently it falls on two... if they lose no we don't
  8. Free housing and visits from the queen. But you get bad teeth and gun control.
  9. Who here would like to sign a petition to rejoin the common wealth of England. Become the queens loyal subjects.
  10. You mean the one where you guys cleaned up everything. Walked around with guns and didn't change a damn thing. Oh well you bought in commerce for the city.

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