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  1. Patriot by rawles is the bible of prepping. A good story with a lot of how to.
  2. Fat wood is good.... Practice it a lot and get a big are striker.. those small ones suck.
  3. We teach squad tactics and won't grow any bigger then a squad size elements. Not practical to be any bigger. We do the cls and marksmen ship and weapons maintenance as well.
  4. What training do you do? What skill sets do you guys have ?
  5. Miss the Bronco they don't make trucks that anymore. The m4 was the deployment model.
  6. It's a moot item. One they need to be fitted to you or they can leak and you die. Two it has to be near or on you or you die. Kinda why it's not a high priority item for me
  7. Well like you i ran the largest facebook gun group for my state... we had the peak before they shut us down at 25k members. My name megatron is mostly because he is a huge asshole who is sarcastic and breaks the will of the enemy's to fight him. I don't believe in larger groups for many reasons.... 1 they don't work and you can't get people to show up and train.. 2 they are easy to infiltrate and become a target . my idea for squad or fire team size comes from the book the patriot and it makes sense... you have better control and a leaderless team means your not relying one guy to give out all commands. I often find most groups to be silly with the made up ranks and titles so i don't take it seriously when someone tells me they are the co of ....xyz just don't really care. Tell me that you have 4 to 10 solid guys who can train one day a month and get stuff done and i''ll be impressed.

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