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  1. Yeah sorry that I don't find myself getting hard because you talked big about your history of fighting the nwo. Tell me what you actually done to make a difference. Help the population out. Bring them food water and chain saws. When they are without power after a storm
  2. So basicly you have done nothing for the public. At least I'll giv credit to the groups who brought water and food to flint and hurricane victims.
  3. Well everyone loves the marines so sure. On a serious note some of them are the hardest working guys I know. They have a place in our group.
  4. Your seriously going to charge a gun man with a pen... Good grief that's bad ass
  5. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 good one I would be amazed if you could get them off the couch and in the fight. Because 90 percent fall into that area. Let' face it the country welcomes socialism.
  6. Tac pen will keep that active shooter in fear. Either evac any means necessary be armed but like the Vegas shooting you couldn't do dick. So just out and get cover.
  7. 7 min mile jogging pace ....ok Anyways good job getting out their and doing pt.
  8. Well it is about pointless as bragging about how long a militia existed for. Who gives a damn about it. If you have people who show up and train great. Other wise your no different then the million of Facebook groups who claim hundreds of people with made up rank. Who's only fight is against stroke.
  9. Megatron


    Seems like you found a Craigslist date