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  1. I say what I know is right and don't shift from it. A lot of it is from personal experience.
  2. Look the entire system is corrupt you're not solving it anymore other than taking it out. The problem is what replaces the system we have is one you might not like.
  3. Lol ok I don't speak hippie touchy feelings. People are flat out lazy and won't do a thing. The majority of people want someone else to do it.
  4. If you could get people to agree but so far most struggle with 5 people one weekend a month
  5. Lol oh good thing you wanna be a law abiding citizen. Turning in Jewish was following the law and keeping them safe was against it.
  6. That pile of shit tent sucks dick. If your six feet tall forget it. Small cramped poles break. Garbage and fucking let it die.
  7. Its worthless in pistol setup. Its a solid long distance rifle. For 10.5 inch setup the Grendel loses what its designed for. The blackout is probably more effective inside 200 meters. Personally the 556 from 10.5 will do ok out to 300 ish. More common caliber
  8. Comms during or after they kill the internet. Hf radio would be it and that's at best a crap shoot.
  9. Its worthless in pistol setup. Its a solid long distance rifle.

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