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  1. A lot of lobster I get violently sick after eating that. I'll leave them a lot to clean up.
  2. I pray he knew God. I appreciate some of the things he did for veterans. I am sorry he was a pow. His military career wasn't very good and his dad bailed him out. I think he is a example of why we need terms to limit all positions except supreme court. I wish his family well and the pain and suffering they might go through.
  3. Millions of unskilled canadians are not crossing here looking for handouts
  4. It doesn't matter what she believed in. A woman died because of turds who want open borders. We must resist all of those who dont want a wall.
  5. . That's what happens when you use a 10000 lb. Truck as a weapon
  6. For members that feel the need to beat women and think they can get away away with it are nothing but cowards. I wouldn't let that kinda of worthless scum into our unit. Perhaps a topic of what shouldn't be allowed in. We should show resistance towards those who rape and beat women.
  7. Well the history of that statue isn't good. Wasn't a great man but then again what would you do. Can't shoot them or fight them.
  8. Open borders and those who support it have blood on their hands. We must fight the resistance of those who let our children die. So they can get cheap labor building decks and maids.
  9. Lt. Col. James "Bo" Gritz was America's most decorated hero during the Vietnam War. He was a former Green Beret and a CIA operative. Gritz started the original S.P.I.K.E. program (Specially Prepared Individuals for Key Events) wherein he and other ex SF members taught a group of volunteers the skill sets taught to Green Berets, Navy SEALs, DELTA Forces, and Army Rangers along with some CIA skill sets. The original program consisted of over 140 hours of seminars, 180 + hours of live Field Training Exercises, 2500 pages of written material and skill set evaluation and testing to become "S.P.I.K.E. Masters." That group was then tasked with going out and teaching those skill sets to other patriots that were concerned for the welfare of our country. seen this bio today and it makes me wonder what kinda of sucker pays for spike training. When the guy had trouble training former sf guys to lead a rescue team. The more I read the truth about bo. The more I find him to be a terrible snake oil salesman's. With. Line of lunatics followers.
  10. Was Lavoy Finicum a victim or a deranged man looking to be a martyr. Judging his last posted video before the event. He was talking about going out guns blazing. Watching the drone video you can see them get pulled over and watch lavoy run from a legal stop. Speeding he hits the bend and a tactical road block was placed. He tried to run around the road block and almost killed a cop. He got the truck stuck and jumped out ignoring the cops commands. He went for a gun and was shot.
  11. “All the people constitute the militia – according to the Founding Fathers. Therefore every able-bodied man has a duty under the Constitution to become part of the ‘well-regulated’ militia, specifically to understand and perform well with the individual weapon currently issued to the regular establishment …. Thus one who has not qualified himself with the M16 may not be considered to be a responsible citizen.” – Col. Jeff Cooper
  12. He was born in Hawaii. He isn't Muslim but sides with the extremists. Why because he is anti colonial.. he views them as freedom fighters who fight the empire countries like the us and England. That's why his entire career was spent destroying our country and weakening our allies. While strengthening our enemy The guy is a atheist. Seriously I hate when people can't take 5 mins to do some research on the topic.
  13. Looks like complete story and not cherry picked. Thanks for sharing this.

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