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  1. Would be willing to take a woman on, as there are going to be a lot of jobs that we will need to fill. By the way, OI don't care if you are black, white, red, green or purple. If you are willing to learn and work and most important, and you really need to think this through. I am a Vietnam/Cambodia combat vet. I will not put up will BS. IF you are a KAREN don't even bother. One thing that you must come to grips with in your mind, it the fact that you will more than likely have to kill that way this is going. So you really need to think about killing. Being a woman you have another factor to consider. RAPE. I don't mean one man, I mean a gang bang. You are going to need help as I am going to need help. You are also going to need your own equipment. Clothes to keep warm in the winter, Food, good boots that are broken in, Water proof and insulated. You are going to need a gun, however that we can discuss. This is no BS and I don't have time for weak people. I have seeds for a complete garden, which will have to plant and take care of. Tell me about yourself. Age, your hobbies, what kind of person you are, what can you do and what kind of skills do you have that kind help us. Are you married, kids, Husband. IF so what does he think about it. This is all or nothing, girl. This is not a game and a lot of us are going to die. IT is only going to get worse from here on out. Where do you live? Are yo able to travel? Waht kind of training you got. Would be super if you are medically trained.
  2. You had mentioned that your sister works for the state. Is she willing to help also or is she caught up in this sutpid stuff going on.

    1. Nat flag carrier

      Nat flag carrier

      She hates the bullshit going on right now, I got my license being mailed to me currently thanks to her. Then getting a job in snohomish. 

    2. A Payne

      A Payne

      Keep asking your sister, ever so often, to see if she has heard anything that might help us.

    3. Nat flag carrier

      Nat flag carrier

      Will do. I just spent 3 weeks building a camp so I'm currently a bit out of everything finally coming back.

  3. I used to live in Spokane in the early 1980's. Worked for Spokane Ambulance. that was a long time ago.
  4. Being 70 years old, women would find the safest date in the world. Nothing works, just look and remember. However, there is a lot I can teach. 1) how to plan a patrol. 2) how to plan an ambush 3) how to treat wounds 4) map reading and compass work. 5) How to set up booby traps. 6) what to look for during a reconnaissance patrol. 7) how to camouflage yourself and your equipment 😎 how to plant food 9) how to hunt 10) how to kill silently 11) How to shoot. 12) how to walk at night. May be worth the title "Gramps" but I do know how to fight. Folks, we may very well need it very soon
  5. I served in Vietnam/Cambodia in 1970. At my age, 70, the only thing I would be good at would be defense and medical. After the Nam I spent 10 working as a first responder, as an EMT. I also remember some tricks I learned from the Vietnamese I fought. My sense of humor is kinda result of my time in the Nam and on the Ambulance. I am looking to get together with people who know what they are doing. I also have a few resources that I have. Anyone whom would like to call and have a chat, you are most welcome.
  6. A Payne

    A Payne

  7. My name is Arnie. I am a Vietnam/Cambodia combat vet. I served with A Trp 1/11th Armored Cav. Being 70 years old I would be good for only base defense/planning, 10 years experience as an EMT. As a Vietnam vet there are a lot of little tricks I can share and teach. 1) How do you walk in the woods, 2) How do you set and ambush 3) How to make base defensive mines. 4) How to plan an operation 5) How to shoot 6) How to read a map and us a compass I am looking for a group that I can join as there is safety in numbers. I live in West Seattle and for how long I don't know. Get in Contact with me and we shall see where things go.

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