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  1. Hello my fellow brothers and sisters. We are looking for all those who are interested in joining us even those with current militia units to join us as a battalion. If you are looking for a closer one to you we will find out for you. Currently we are still in the stages of organization as well. I hope all is well with you patriots. If interested we would love to have you under us as we start to build. Our first step has to be gaining the members and capital to begin achieving a Nonprofit status with the state of South Carolina. Then moving into a more advanced stage to a recognized militia once we have the capital to do so with the state. We do have a uniform setup as well all that information will be passed along to new recruits/troops. We believe in helping our communities and our state grow. We have a humanitarian mission in this sense for our community as well as the defense of our state. We will always love our state and what South Carolina stands for, so shall we stand with her! We are not an anti government organization. We hope to work with our state on a more closer basis in disasters and crisis situations one day. We are a nonprofit, unpaid volunteers/patriots. We are not anti government at all. We fund our militia off of the donations received from patriots and those who want to help us achieve our humanitarian mission! Long live liberty! https://www.facebook.com/groups/278923120087384/ https://southcarolinastatearmy.org If interested in contacting myself, you can reach me at [email protected] and remember we do request a couple of forms to be filled out for our organizations protection. Remember love our state and her people. They will always be worth the fight HUA!
  2. Hey is SCMC still around?

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