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  1. Get off of your collective laurels people, it is time to start organizing, and showing up in force.
  2. Alcon, Our nation is under attack by left-wing Marxist groups seeking to overthrow the US Government and our constitution. This threat is real, it is active, and it is in all of our major cities. The police have been neutered, and the FBI has been corrupted to the point where they have taken little action as we watch our cities become 'Autonomous Zones'. These left-wing groups such as BLM, and ANTIFA have hijacked peaceful and legitimate social protests to further their objectives of destroying this great constitutional Republic. If you are a student of history, then you know that the road to war aka as a 'road map' towards a socialist/communist revolution is unfolding before our very eyes. Throughout history, countries have fallen to communist ideology through the selling of supposed social justice issues. We must wake up, we must get organized, and we must be prepared to step-in when law enforcement is unable to, or unwilling to defend our communities. Point-in-case- our Governor was ambushed the other evening, and almost completely boxed in. We must be prepared to defend our elected officials, and show-up to events where the prospects of left-wing violence is high. I have 19 + years of military experience; reconnaissance units, paratrooper, and military intelligence. I am not law enforcement, nor have I ever been connected with federal law enforcement. I seek to defend my community and my nation from the prospects of us waking up to a Socialist revolution. Patriotic Regards, Matt Abel

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