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  1. The Overmountain Men division of the III% Defense Militia are actively looking for recruits to join our organization to build our ranks. If anyone is interested please visit www.defensemilitia.com to submit an application.
  2. Actively looking for recruits to join our ranks in the III% Defense Militia. If anyone is interested in joining visit www.defensemilitia.com to submit an application.  20201010_153736.thumb.jpg.70c2dba16162aaecd8ae26a78a88ac97.jpg

  3. Ok corral in Woodbury or Montgomery County shooting range are the 2 closest places i know are good outdoor ranges
  4. Go to www.defensemilitia.com click on 3 lines on top right corner. Sign up and they will walk you through the process
  5. Yes you are welcome to sign up. www.defensemilitia.com click on 3 lines in top right corner and then click join
  6. Looking for like minded individuals to join our organization. And anyone in other militias to align with in Tennessee.
  7. Looking for individuals to join our ranks. www.defensemilitia.com

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