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  1. What is the day count until the election, +98?
  2. Hmm... If we all wear our flags and are in uniform, according to the Geneva convention, we are considered combatants... Interesting termage going on there.

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      Sorry Brother. I tried to make it right.. I still hope someone fixes that for ya though.

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      If they come for me, I have a good lawyer. My ambulance-chasing first cousin.

  3. Good thinking, anyone have access to publicity? Interview bomb local live news crews yelling? Coincidentally know a guy that has access to a botnet? Write a "Dear John" letter?!!.. No, start posting about it and Google/Facebook/reddit(anywhere that shows their search statistics publicly ex:Trending searches) search the fuck out of that question/topic. Make it trending, visible... Coordinate with friends to do the same right before local morning news time, it might even make it on there if we do it collectively and perfectly timed. Every morning for a couple of days, maybe a whole week? They can't censor all of it away from multiple platforms at once, try to dominate a timespan of about a minute with everyone. Make sure to monitor trending searches for statistics about your level of success each time. Now do the simple math and calculate how far behind the number one search your efforts were to find out how many more friends you need in order to surpass the previous attempts #1 numbers result(24hrs). This usually does the trick. If you speak a foreign language, use Google/news forums in those areas too. Open and prepare each tabs' text box so you can go through and send sequentially when the time comes. Anyone ever ask SIRI or your phone what the number 1 search request is? Reporters do.. 😉 I used to work for a multimedia press related company, statistics like these were bookmarked and even open on start. Remember east coast users are already well into their day when morning hits the west. 😉 But don't let Hawaii do it, everyone past the Appalachians already doesnt give a fuck about shit, since their day will be over already. #sheeplife, east coast bandwidth also greater. But what do I know. There's more than one way to play, dominate them where they get their strength. Make them doubt that they have any support, even if it's just for one minute. Let them feel that, it'll help later when it comes time to harvest... *ehem.. ..time to unify and defend the Constitution from threats foreign and domestic. Post thought: Theres a black man running for office in NJ, the dems are using that republican black life that doesnt matter to them in order to make patenting land look like tax evasion. Thought I'd get that out there too, hot suppressed info right next to the Juan revelations. Woof.
  4. The playing field needs leveling. One of the reasons I'm here. 😉
  5. Protesters are hard at work trying to get fireworks banned. Apparently, they think they are in a Kanye video(no church in the wild).

  6. Was just wondering if anyone was interested. I do purpose built stuff and training out here at UTPAP.. Self destruct is also an option, Lithium Polymers are great firestarters. 😉
  7. Lost signal does not mean lost drone.. There are ways to circumvent these things. It's all about the programming.
  8. Purpose built drones(not the censored and trackable commercially available ones), long range comms setups, Google maps interfaces... Pilot training(all modes)? Purpose built stuff.
  9. When cursive disappears from memory, our founding documents will become unreadable. Every generation thereafter will have to rely on translations made by interests.


    We swore an oath, to something that might not be readily available for those that come after us..  Get involved in your district, even if you are not a parent. 

  10. Good stuff right here.. Lessons learned is a thing, unfortunately taking the time to read isn't. Thanks for the post.
  11. I apologize, Sister.. Totally my bad, I'll have to haze myself later. I agree with you 100%, but long ago this task was delegted to the civil sector.. Terrorist and racist are different things but with the flow of information these days. If you're one, your the other and so on.. Inherently, I believe, integrity isn't a common virtue these days. No one checks, they just oblige, refer to their source, and carry on. It's sad .

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