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  1. They can and will "get away" with whatever we allow them to, which, 243 years later, has been a great deal. This current violation (mandatory masks) of the right to be secure in our persons must challenged in court & that isnt cheap, which "they" are well aware of and use to their advantage. The other side is well organized. These fake Americans that would destroy our nation and steal our birthright of freedom must be defeated, and it appears we need to be ready for whatever may come. Irrespective of what happens in November, they will never stop or give up, unless we put an end to it. Will we be the generation that loses freedom? Non violent methodology is obviously the much preferred course; education (re-education) and public forums is one method. However, at this point, I believe we are now at a time in our history, where and when our civic obligation is to bring down those primarily responsible for our current circumstances and level of social polarization. The "free press" has abdicated their vital responsibility. If they were fulfilling their intended purpose and responsibilities, our government would not be so rotten at the core. Academia would not have been able to indoctrinate millions of our children with revisionist lies, nonsense and filth. How do we reset the course? I believe we must hit them where it counts; in the bank account. I have never been one to support or promote boycotts, but it seems like we have little other recourse to deal with this leftist media. They must be brought down and "recalibrated" to reflect and represent original intent. They are undoubtedly the primary cause and culprit for our current dysfunction. There are certainly other contributing factors, but the corrupt media represents the lynch pin to re-liberating our system.
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