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  1. Awesome I might be able to finally sight some in then
  2. Awesome will be in touch with you soon ... this range you have access too ... is it for handguns and rifles or just rifle?
  3. I could use some basic things taught ... I am by no means proficient in firearms . I also have a fiance that wants to learn but wants like a one on one because she has been made to feel stupid or inadequate in groups and doesnt want to learn in a group setting ... just basics to hold our own if needed ... not how to completely tear down a firearm and put it back together in 2 minutes type stuff... but just general things
  4. Do you or can you teach proper firearm use and form?
  5. Hey Byron ... that would be awesome to do some shooting ... My schedule has been very open since this pandemic shit ... let me know a day and time and I'm sure we can get something set up
  6. Hellwolf


  7. I'm in Osceola ... Elkhart county side .. I have no formal training but I joined because of the way this world is going ... any help would be awesome
  8. Hi my name is Jim ... I'm seeing our great nation getting torn apart and I joined to see how we can stop this ... I would like to see peaceful solutions BUT I think we are losing the peaceful side of this fight quickly ...

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