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  1. Thanks ROFCB Commander. I've been starting to float the idea of the midwest, but am finding it difficult to settle into any fixed area. Thanks for the heads up and if I lean toward that WV area, I'll certainly get in touch. O Sleeper, thanks for your input too. Ozarks must be great for the mountain air and environment! Are you physically involved with any militia organizations in your areas?
  2. Hello, I'm a member just getting into this site, trying to understand what is out there and how a freedom-loving citizen could get involved. I'm in the Baltimore area, but am also looking to transition away from the city to another city/state which is more rural and which has strong communal conservative values. Any information is welcome on Baltimore involvement and on good prospects across the country. Personally, I'm a new firearm owner, a carpenter/remodeler and a lover of information. Thanks for having me on this site! KitchenCarp

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