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  1. So, I am not good at internet navigation but me and my Mauser are pretty good at navigating the target up to 500 meters.
  2. I hope I'm on the list, but I am not computer-friendly, and I need assistance. Here, up=tight and ready to stand the gaff here in North Carolina. How in hell do you enter the fray, I haven't a clue.

               Many thanks, J.C. Gatt

    1. Constitutional Patriot

      Constitutional Patriot

      Go to the state list for North Carolina. Sign up with whatever militias you agree with their mission. Go the area code militias for North Carolina. Then sign up in the area code militia. Message the other members that you are ready to meet..now! If you were here in N GA I would invite you to our first meeting in early August. 

  3. I look forward to any reply. I live in Holly Springs, NC, and am on the hunt for my fellow patriots in the area. Was the CA militia until moving here in 2018.
  4. My intention is to begin this effort so that it gets off the ground in a proven way, so your help would boost me in that direction. I was a member of the CA State Constitutional Militia with the rank of corporal, owing to my service in Vietnam and my familiarity with military doctrine and drill. The first questions I put to you folks is about recruiting, namely how to go a bout it. Should I get busy finding help in composing and launching a website? I assume that your outfit, 'My Militia', is not connected to any official organizations in S. Carolina, if that is so please inform me of that fact. Of course, the formation of private militias is a legal right, and having read the sections of the N. Carolina constitution as to the status of militias in this state, I find that there is no active body in the state that stands within the framework of the state government, and no organized militia incorporate with it, so any unit I organize would, of necessity, be private. I would appreciate contact with any 'My Militia' members in NC, preferably in Wake County. My emphasis as far as prospective deployment goes is point defense, i.e., the guarding of sub-stations and the like against sabotage in what I see as the coming insurrection. It's my assumption that squad deployment tactics designed for defense should suffice to this end. I would say here that I do not intend that homosexuals, criminals, Muslims, or atheists, be allowed to join ranks in any formation I take part in, I have seen what comes of that in California and no good can be made of persons of those ilks. I await your reply. Respectfully; Jess C Gatt.
  5. I am a resident of Wake County, North Carolina, and have made contact with numerous individuals concerning forming up a militia here. I am a former member of the CA Constitutional State militia. I need any assistance you can give me in this regard, even forming a branch here is desired if possible. I am an old man, 72, but active. I am a Vietnam Vet and am willing and able to spend a great deal of tome developing a unit of company size in Wake county. Thank you very much for your website, I hope you may help me in this endeavor. Jess C. Gatt, Holly Springs, NC.

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