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  1. There's been strong evidence that FDR knew about Pearl Harbor and let it happen because America needed to get into the war but there wasn't the political stomach for it before the attack. Yes, this stuff has been happening for a very long time, and yes--they let it, when it advances their agenda. There are some misconceptions that people have about the "security" of the internet that should probably be cleared up. Here's the first one; if the NSA decides to target you for whatever reason, there isn't anything that can protect you. Edward Snowden knew this, which is why he's no longer in the United States. The only reason the NSA didn't stop him before he released the info he did is because until that point they hadn't had good enough reason to deep-dive into his activities, so he was able to avoid the worst of their scrutiny. And since Snowden, they've improved their capabilities by orders of magnitude. You know all that cryptography that people hype so much, saying "it would take X number of supercomputers X number of days to break this cipher..."? Well, the NSA has, literally, MILES of supercomputers doing exactly that, every single day. I doubt highly that there's a cipher they haven't broken by now, or rather that they haven't developed a protocol for breaking (since the hashes change, and all that) that would take them mere hours at best. But they aren't going to go to all that trouble and expense unless they have serious reason to. Your illegal bump-stock that you have hidden in the rafters of your garage isn't good enough reason. And if you give them good enough reason? Well first, you're screwed. And second, you probably deserve it. The likelihood that the NSA is interested in you is wicked slim unless you're doing something that's truly horrendous in both scope and "reach". To fit that category you have to be a first-class terrorist or a true anti-American, more than likely. Barring the NSA, if the FBI wants you, it won't be long before they have you also. Unlike the NSA, with their superior electronic capabilities, the FBI has human capabilities that would boggle the mind, and the political clout to bring them into play against anybody (um, OBAMAGATE, for heaven's sake). If they can target Trump, you won't be a problem for them. And they won't come at you through electronic eavesdropping; they won't need to. They'll surveil your boss, your neighbors, your best friend. Whatever they need to find out, they will. In between the two is the CIA. We all know that the CIA doesn't operate in the country or against United States Citizens. We also know that Santa Clause really does live at the North Pole, the Tooth Fairy is real but makes horrible fiduciary decisions, and (as Mr. Smith proved above) that unicorns truly exist. Let me tell you a bit about the CIA... Thirty years ago I was in a room full of about a hundred people, all of us selected to apply for a CIA courier position. We took tests. After the tests more than half the room was gone. Then we got "the speech". This was delivered by a bald little old man who to this day remains the scariest individual I ever met. He started the speech by saying that as he talked, if you heard something you didn't like, feel free to get up and leave as he was speaking. Then he started. I'm not going into the entirety of what he said. I'll tell you that when he was finished, four people remained, one of whom was me. We were handed the actual application; a 17 page document that encompassed everything right down to how long your penis was when it was flaccid. A part of that application was, I shit you not, "write down the names of everyone you know or have ever known". As we were looking over the application, little bald guy said, and I quote, "we're not going to talk to all of those people...we're going to talk to all of those people and everyone they know or have ever known. If you've ever crossed the street against the light, we're going to find out about it." You think some free app you've downloaded from Google Play is going to save you from that, if they turn their attention to you? Because of what we support, everyone on this forum is in a government file somewhere. And not just our "handle"; chances are good they have gathered enough profile information to identify us positively with about five minutes of work from a junior intern. Don't say stupid shit, and you won't have to worry about it. Don't do stupid shit and it really doesn't matter. The people you need to be "secure" from are the enemies of America...the ones you're likely to encounter in your own backyard some day. They don't have the capabilities of the FBI, NSA or CIA. Take the precautions necessary against them, and don't say and do stupid shit, and you should be fine. Sadly, there's a lot of stupid shit being said and done by people on "our" side right now, in these very forums. That's trouble they're asking for, but it's bringing scrutiny on us that we are not asking for. Don't participate in it.
  2. It's on the internet. I can't remember exactly where, but I know it was out there at one point. Try googling "internal poll democrats 2019" or something like that. You might find it that way.
  3. If you willingly participate in this, you have a screw loose. This isn't about defending anything; it's about making a moronic and counter-productive political statement. I have no doubt there are white supremacists and far, far, FAR-right organizations who are perfectly fine with this, and even encourage it, but these are the same assholes who want the shooting to start in circumstances just like this. They are the OPPOSITE of what we represent and who we are. If you support this, or associate with these types, I personally want nothing to do with you and particularly want no connection between you and the organizations I lead. People from our end of the political spectrum who in any way condone or support this are just as much the enemy as the people on the opposite side; they're just as much a part of the problem, and their efforts are HURTING our country, not helping it. This is not what we exist for. No part of this represents our purpose. This is just silly little boys doing silly things for attention. They're hurting us, and helping to destroy America. There is nothing whatsoever "patriotic" about this. For the record, the Civilian Defense Force condemns this type of behavior; it's counter to our mission, and counter-productive to the protection of America and the preservation of the United States Constitution.
  4. Update on the Civilian Defense Force Headquarters website; working on a step-by-step unit formation program. The first three steps are up, but I am working on getting the whole first module done by tomorrow evening. That will be ten steps. Once I have ten steps up, I think it's possible that someone could start the program and by the time they finish those steps, another module will be up, and so on.




    We could use some decent discussion over there. There's a forum up. The "open" area is pretty limited at the moment, but a few folks posting some thoughts and things on there would to a long way toward getting it started.

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      It's supposed to take you to your profile page automatically, but sadly it doesn't always show me how it's working because I'm obviously always signed in. The next time you sign in, are you able to screenshot where it's taking you as a "landing page" once you've completed signing in, so I can see where the problem is? That will help me to fix the redirection issue.


      Also, make sure you're signing into the HQ page (hq.civiliandefenseforce.org),  not the "main" CDF page. The main page is a "gateway" page, but isn't where the meat-and-potatoes would be found. You need the headquarters page for anything like that.

  5. There are a few reasons I think California is in play. First, let's remember that it wasn't that long ago California was a purple state, and could swing either way. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a left-leaning Republican governor, but a Republican nonetheless. And shall we not forget Ronald Reagan, who was Governor of Cali before he became President. The state was red for him. The northern part of the state still is, and the southern part is getting disgusted with what they're seeing in Democrat-infested cities like San Francisco. But the big reason? GAVIN NEWSOM. This guy has the whole state pissed at him, enough that it's possible he won't even be around by election time. If the whole state is on the warpath against the Democrat governor, you can be sure the party is going to feel it up and down the ballot. I have nothing solid to base what I'm saying on; I've seen no polling and am pulling this completely out of my ass--call it a hunch. But I think it's very possible.
  6. Right. And I think this is the ultimate plan. One of the things that I did not list that convinces me of the landslide is the fact that they already have their contingency plan in place. The Democrats are going to lose, and they're going to lose HUGE. If they cheat, it will be for two reasons; one, to make it not as huge so they at least can retain some shred of dignity, and two, so if they can keep it close enough, perhaps they can tie it up in the courts for awhile. But I don't think they will be close enough for that, I don't believe they think it will be either, and I think that what the actual propaganda arm of the Democrats, and the non-official but REAL propaganda arm (the media) are doing is laying the groundwork for them to do something just like the secession plan, or the mass and wide-scale rioting, or an actual shooting war. Any of these things could be what they're ultimately setting up for. One way or another, it won't be pretty come the morning of November 4. Here's the money wrench in the Democrats' succession plan--California is going red. Put it on your calendar...you heard it here first. Illinois might, too.
  7. I could write all day about the various reasons I believe Trump will win--and bear in mind I don't think it will be a squeaker; I believe it will be the biggest landslide since Reagan shellacked Mondale. I'll try to limit it to two or three. Here's the first, and most important one; LOGIC. Ask yourself this--do you think there is anyone who voted for Trump in 2016 who is displeased with the job he's done? Who thinks he hasn't done EXACTLY what he was sent to Washington to do? Are you yourself, if you were a Trump supporter, or any Trump supporter you know, now going to vote for Biden? And in 2016, when he was elected, most were willing to just take a chance on the guy; would you now classify his supporters as "meh, let's see how he does", or RABID? Hillary Clinton was the much better candidate. She was better funded. She had the Clinton machine behind her. The DNC absolutely cheated. SHE WAS UNBEATABLE, and still she lost. Do you honestly think Joe Biden is going to do what Hillary Clinton couldn't? And then there are guys like me; I didn't vote for Trump in 2016. I didn't vote at all. I just wasn't grooving with him, so I sat the election out. But I've been so impressed with what he's done, and so disgusted by what the Democrats have done, that I would drag my balls across ten miles of barbed wire fence and ten more miles of salt just to cast my vote for him. His already-supporters are even more committed than I am. Logic says he wins. There's more. The Democrats, ANTIFA, BLM, the "pandemic", have all turned the American people so against what the Left is selling that I can't in a million years imagine there won't be a bloodbath up and down the line, with Democrats losing so badly they'll have to go into hiding for a couple of years. The enthusiasm gap is HUGE right now, with Trump supporters chomping at the bit to vote, whereas nobody seems anything more than tolerant of Biden as the candidate. I live in a reliably Democratic area of Pennsylvania; the head of the AFL-CIO was born seven miles from my house. YOU CANNOT FIND A BIDEN SUPPORTER. Not one. Not a sign, not a flag, nothing. But you can't move ten feet without running into a Trump sign, flag, tee shirt, bumper sticker--AND THIS IS THE AGE OF HAVING TO HIDE YOUR TRUMP SUPPORT! Ain't nobody hiding it here, and if they're this much in Trump's corner in this corner of the world, Biden is in serious trouble. Lastly--and remember this, because it will serve you well in politics for the rest of your life--the media is telling you. They're pumping stories of how big Biden's lead is in the polls. In the business those are called "suppression polls"; they're designed to dampen support for the "losing" candidate. The thinking is that if you tell all the supporters of the guy who is supposedly losing that he's going to get beat, they won't go out and vote--thereby "suppressing" the vote. IT'S ALL FAKE. People in politics know there are two types of polls; the ones designed for public consumption, and the "internal" polls that campaigns pay tens of thousands of dollars for. Next to media buys, polling is the most expensive thing a candidate pays for (at least if he wants good polling). Because they tell the truth, and because they're so expensive, campaigns (and parties) guard the internal polling like it was a suitcase full of gold bars. In August of last year an internal poll from the Democrat party was mistakenly leaked (bet you didn't hear about it on CNN or MSNBC). It showed they were getting THUMPED, and that Trump was guaranteed to win in November. That's why Pelosi rolled the dice on impeachment (a terrible move, politically)--she knew they were going to lose anyway, so they put up the hail mary. That's why when COVID came along the media and Democrats turned it into the next plague, even though it's less of a threat than the common flu (or falling down the stairs). That's why George Floyd. That's why ANTIFA and statues. They are losing so badly they're willing to throw anything at all against the wall in hopes that something sticks. Can you honestly see any politician in the world thinking "defund the police" is a good campaign strategy? Or allowing citizens to riot in the streets for nearly THREE MONTHS? They're desperate. This is an existential moment for the Democrat party. That is no lie. Come November 4 there will be nothing left of them worth talking about, and with a fully Republican majority up and down the state and federal ladder, the courts already stacked with Trump appointees, another Supreme Court justice appointee (and maybe as many as three) in Trump's hands, and even the black vote (as much as 40% of it) abandoning the Democrat plantation, that party is FINISHED. They know it. That's why we're seeing everything we're seeing, and that's why the media keeps going with the "Biden is winning" crap. THEY'RE LYING TO THEIR OWN PEOPLE NOW, and it's with purpose. They want to have their base so convinced that Biden is going to win, that when Trump beats him they're all sure he cheated. They want to set the psychological stage for MASS rioting and absolute destruction. It's the only way they stand a chance of not being utterly marginalized for decades. The media is showing us who is winning. It's a simple question--does the mainstream media tell the truth, or do they lie? Everyone reading this just said "they lie". Who are they saying is winning? It's a lie, like everything else they say. Trump wins big in November. And because of it, what we're seeing now is a day at Disneyland. THAT'S why we need to be preparing, training, and STAYING HOME...because our homes are going to need us in just a few short months.
  8. If Trump is declared the winner, and the Left tries to remove him, that's absolute insurrection. At that point I don't believe there will be any hesitance on the part of the Military, the Oath Keepers, and any of a million of us to stand up and fight in the streets if necessary. They've already proven they won't accept the voice of the people; they haven't accepted the election results from four years ago. But to actually take the step to try and remove him would be the end of it--we'd fight. I am not worried about that happening. I AM worried that they will contest whatever result is declared if it's not an absolute landslide (which frankly I believe it will be). If they simply, literally, do not accept the result in that way and make efforts to tie up the whole process in the courts or what have you, the resulting chaos and "limbo" will allow them to get into position for whatever literal battle might ensue. My biggest fear, however, is that they will cheat on such a massive scale as to make the result closer than it actually is, or to make it seem as if Biden (who doesn't even know what he's running for at this point) wins. They're capable of it, they're more than willing to do it, and at that point WE have to decide whether we'll "accept" the result of the election or not. I know with absolute confidence there is no way Biden can win without massive cheating. I'll say it again--THERE IS NO WAY JOE BIDEN WINS THE ELECTION UNLESS THEY CHEAT ON AN UNIMAGINABLE SCALE. So, will I "accept" the result if he does? Absolutely not. At that point I'm going to watch the landscape very carefully, because a fight will be on and I want to know how to join it. But I won't drag anyone in with me; that's a personal decision that has to be made by each individual. Fighting at that point puts everything you love, especially your freedom, at risk. It's worth it, given that everyone's freedom is at risk if they steal the election. Steal the election, steal the country. I won't stand by while that happens.
  9. This I agree with. But some of the idiotic stuff I've seen in the last two days is off the wall. It's that kind of stuff that makes even the people who should support us want to have nothing to do with us, and nobody could blame them one bit.
  10. "An animal once thought to be just a myth was accidentally captured today when Anytown resident John Smith left his breakfast laying in his garage. While out in his yard to place political signs, Smith left the garage door open. Much to his surprise the automatic door closed suddenly behind him. When he went to investigate, he couldn't believe what he saw. 'I was just sticking a Trump sign in the ground, and I heard the garage door close. I went and looked through the window, and sumBITCH there was an actual unicorn in there!' The sky blue creature had wandered in, seemingly attracted by the smell of Smith's cinnamon roll, and stepped on the remote for the door which had tumbled out of the car earlier in the day. 'Isn't she beautiful? And she actually poops out rainbow-colored turds that smell like fresh-cut roses! I even took some in for my wife. The neighbors have all been calling, wanting to come see the thing and buy some of the poop!' Smith says he's not sure what to do now. Some have advised just letting the unicorn go, while others have suggested taking it to the zoo. Scientists from the federal government have contacted Smith about the possibility of taking the animal for "deeper observation". 'I'm not sure I want to let them do that. I don't know if I trust them to not do experiments on her and stuff,' Smith said." Here's how CNN will report this story: "A Trump supporter who admittedly 'doesn't trust the government' trapped a unicorn in his garage today. John Smith of 321 Your Street in Anytown, Arizona, an accountant with Amble and Mosey, baited the creature with a cinnamon roll. The unsuspecting horned horse wandered right into the trap, springing it as he did. Smith, who has already stolen some of the magical unicorn poop and plans to sell even more, is also reportedly considering charging his neighbors to come see it, or possibly setting up a zoo, where the unicorn would presumably be the main attraction. Carolyn Busybody, a noted Yale University scientist who wrote a book about unicorns when she was six, has blasted Smith for his actions, saying in part that 'he doesn't even know what gender it is...typical of a poorly-educated MAGA-hat-wearing rube!' Busybody will be one of our expert guests tonight when Anderson Cooper delves deeper into the unicorn kidnapping story." --- We all know this is how they do things, and see things. The problem is that even though we know it, we still play right into their hands. Maybe it's just me, but I've seen some first-class stupidity on these boards over the last couple of days. Some of what's been suggested is criminal, borders on insane, and even where it's not it's just beyond-the-pale abnormal. This is an open forum; anyone can see it, anyone can copy what's written, anyone can paint all of us with whatever brush is left laying around. Please stop leaving asinine brushes laying around! It's pretty simple, really. If what you're about to post sounds insane, it probably is. If it sounds criminal, it probably is. If people have pointed out that it's insane or criminal--our people--it probably is. Just think before you post stuff like that. You're making us all look like idiots. If they can take a unicorn story and twist it, imagine what they can do with some of the crap that's been posted here lately! And I assure you, this crap does not smell like fresh-cut roses... [EndOfRant]
  11. This is all great advice. One more thing--and this shouldn't have to be said these days, but surprisingly it still does--simply DON'T CLICK LINKS IN EMAIL unless you've specifically requested the email in question (signing up for a website that confirms your email address, for instance). The worst of the "new" schemes is called "ransomware". It's a snippet of code that goes into your system and encrypts all of your important files, and then holds them for "ransom" until you pay to receive the encryption key. It's payload is delivered by links in emails. Here's the worst part--the malware scanners and such can find it and eradicate it, but not until it's done the encryption and THERE IS NO GETTING THAT STUFF BACK. Once it's encrypted, it's gone. Ransomware has affected tech giants, savvy computer folks, and grandma alike. If they can be fooled, so can you. JUST DON'T CLICK ON EMAIL LINKS. It's really bad juju.
  12. As I would say about the people you are clearly trying to help (namely the ANTIFA and BLM factions), you're entitled to your opinion no matter how misguided it may be. But nobody I know would follow you. You're exactly the kind of person who gives the Militia a bad name, and you'll do something foolish that will turn the bad guys into the good guys and the good guys into the bad guys. I wash my hands of you, and anyone who would even think of involving themselves with you. We "old timers" have an advantage over you; we're grown ups. We've put away childish things. Childish thoughts and behaviors, too.
  13. I use Firefox, though I've used Brave and Epic as well. I have also used DuckDuckGo, but it's built on the Chromium framework and uses Google services, so I avoid as much as possible.
  14. Brave has been getting a lot of good press lately. Some of the security people I trust the most are even touting Brave. It's one of the newer players, so I have been hesitant to switch, but I used it on one of my phones and it seemed fine. As far as VPNs are concerned, I'm pretty fond of Mullvad. They're a no-logging service, but even if they logged, they have a unique way of entering the info into their service to determine who has paid and who hasn't; they print out a numbered account via random number generator, right off their website, You pay to that account number (no info collected, and you can even pay by cash dropped into an envelope). That random account number is what is put into their system. Nobody could track you even if they did log, and they don't. You have to watch out for supposed "no log" VPNs, because in most cases that's a lie. As far as I'm concerned, a VPN that logs is worthless. The best of the true no-log services are Nord, ExpressVPN, Mullvad, and possibly Proton. I've heard good things about Surf Shark too, though I haven't done a deep dive with them.
  15. It's a good setup. You could get away with that on the ANTIFA websites, too. They're good, but they're not THAT good. Still, the absolute best security for anything as far as I'm concerned is TAILS coupled with a good VPN. It's not like the ultimate in security; if they wanted to, the NSA could still break it. But short of the NSA or a REALLY pissed off FBI, you're probably maxed with TAILS/VPN.
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