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  1. Now put that man in Washington and see what you get. And they don't use protection or buy you dinner first.
  2. Here's the problem with this Executive Order, or any law that is made, or any law that is already established but clearly and brazenly broken--they're only as good as the people who actually enforce them. I don't care how big a fan of Donald Trump you are, he can't arrest anyone. And the people who are supposed to be doing that aren't. They haven't been. There have been egregious violations of law, everything from molotov cocktails to provable crimes in Ukraine and Russian, Chinese and who knows where else money in the pockets of Joe Biden. It's all on record. It's all easily pursu
  3. https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-news/mymilitia-brian-maoirana-far-right-extremism-1088996/ The link above shows us another example of fine American journalism. I'm kidding, of course; it's Rolling Stone, so this is precisely the kind of moronic hit-piece you'd expect. Isn't it telling that they paint the "gathering of armed people"--which is completely legal, moral, and constitutionally protected--as something sinister and horrible, while in the same breath treating the DDoS "challenge" of the article's heroine, Talia Lavin--which is NOT legal, violates the
  4. This victory is huge, in any number of ways (not the least being that now the chances of election fraud issues reaching the Supreme Court have grown exponentially), but it's a far cry from actual victory, and it certainly isn't "winning 20 electoral votes". There is much to be done before that can be claimed, all of which may take quite a long time. From the ground in Pennsylvania, though, I'll say this--Joe Biden got CLOBBERED here. We all know already that the media is lying (as are the vote counters in PA), but I'm just reiterating for the sake of posterity that it wasn't even c
  5. All the more reason to not attend concerts, games, and other events. This nonsense isn't going to stop until American Patriots hit these people where it hurts--in the wallet. And the election proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that there are far more of us than there are of them (ignore the fraudulent numbers for Biden, of course). We've seen it with the NBA. We see it right now with FoxNews. And if we properly band together and give more than just lip service to focused economic warfare in other areas, we'll see it in those places as well. Removing our cash removes thes
  6. Glad you enjoyed the series. It's twenty topics out of two or three thousand that need to be covered, but it's a start. We're all volunteers. We have jobs, families, Little League games, lawns to mow. But we volunteer because we have all of those things, we love them, and we have to protect them. This puts us behind the eight-ball in so many ways; it encroaches on our already precious time, leaves us open to legal liabilities, and stands us in situations where we may have to hurt or kill someone (when none of us really wants to do that). But the alternative is to do nothing and wat
  7. This topic is a bit old now, but I'll chime in anyway; if Trump condemning the Proud Boys could have any affect on who you vote for in November, you aren't thinking clearly. If Trump condemns me personally by name, I'm still voting for him, and doing everything in my power to get every other human being I know to get to the polls and vote for him also. Because the alternative is the death of this nation, and any true Patriot knows that. Look, I don't care what your politics are ordinarily--but these are not ordinary times. We have an entire party that has been despicabl
  8. Hi Nate. I doubt that anyone reacted badly to you, so much as just didn't see you. I have my hands very full at the moment so I don't get on here as much lately, and since you're in 724, that would be my area code responsibility. My apologies. I don't have a specific contact for Beaver. The closest that I know to you would be the Iron City Response Unit, which has been around awhile and have some representation here. I don't know a direct contact, but if you do a search on here I'm sure you'll find them. The Civilian Defense Force has no unit in your area either, though
  9. Hi Dean, I think I may have seen that you already applied at civiliandefenseforce.org, but I could be mistaken. If you have not, and you'd like to check out what the organization is all about, I'd invite you to do that. If you like what you see and you want to join up, use the "Join a Unit" page on that site to do so, and I'll be in touch. Thanks, and good luck no matter who you wind up "catching" with. Any organization at all that you hook up with is good, if they represent American patriots.
  10. If you have not yet found a unit, we've just authorized one for Bucks County. You'd need to check our organization out, then apply for membership (both are done at civiliandefenseforce.org), and then when membership is approved and you're given access to our headquarters site, you'd look up Unit #0011. Contact me here or there if you need additional details.
  11. I haven't been on for awhile--CDF responsibilities keeping me very busy--so I don't know everything that's been added to this thread in my absence. I will add this to what Crumb has said about "being out there guarding businesses" (and what I'm about to say isn't going to be very popular, but it's for YOUR protection, the protection of the movement itself, and the protection of the businesses you're guarding)--all such activities should be UNARMED. I know, you think that's crazy given the environment we're in, but it's not. I'm saying that the people out front, who are SEEN and pot
  12. Hi Devon,


    Let me know where you're from in  724, and what you're interested in, and I'll try to point you in the right direction.

    1. Devon Cain

      Devon Cain

      We recently moved to the 15656 zip code and would like to extend my military training to the local militia company. Would also like to befriend like minded individuals and maintain my weapon proficiency in real time training.

    2. ROFCB Commander

      ROFCB Commander

      Your location puts you pretty close to the Westmoreland County Regulators, a fairly well-established group and the only one I know that "serves" your area. Their contact on here is Crumb. Look him up and let him know I sent you his way.



  13. Haven’t heard any words of wisdom recently... vacation?

    1. Carl H B

      Carl H B

      Well, in the post of your saying 'we can't win' I guess you have already given up!  If I would have given up in the jungle I would have died there!


      82nd Airborne Division-Vietnam

  14. Hi Ridgerunnr...what ridge do you run? (Where are you from?)

    1. Ridgerunnr
    2. ROFCB Commander

      ROFCB Commander

      You're in the Westmoreland Regulators area, I think. On here the fellow you should talk with is Crumb. If you need help getting in touch with him, let me know. I'll be happy to help.

    3. Ridgerunnr


      Already speaking with him. Thanks!


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