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  1. Thank you for your response will let you know.


    1. TEEBONE


      I am well prepared, body amor, lots of guns and ammo, soon to come urban Camo outfit, in typhoon , and green Camo also.day and night!



    2. papaC62


      That's great. More than I have at present. Don't forget food and water, batteries, fuel, camping gear, all that survivalist/ prep gear you been thinking about.  Get a plan in place with your family...where to meet if it happens fast....we must be able to defend ourselves but without the other stuff you will have to spend time and endanger yourself to scavenge.  Get enough for at least 72 hours. If your bugging in have a bug out location already scouted in case you need it. Get with your members and formulate action plans to be used then and now. Treat this like your life depends on it because it might. Good luck. Anything I can do to help just let me know. 

  2. I am local in auburn. I believe in grassroots it all starts at home.

  3. I am local in auburn. I believe in grassroots it all starts at home.

  4. Nice to know that someone out there still cares!



  6. Today I looked into suing the City of Seattle for pain and suffering related to their handling of the riots the looting and other wide spread fallout. Being a essential worker and having to drive Into work at three and four in the morning every day I felt very unsafe and not well protected in a city and county that I grew up in. You can print out forms online. The price for them is going to be One Million dollars.

  7. Day one looking for a direction and seeing what’s out there .Where to go and what to do?

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