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  1. I have watched a few of his videos and didn’t find it very interesting.
  2. I don’t trust politicians and or government, this comes down to control and manipulation of the people, For their own self serving reasons. The Covids, Lockdowns, a prelude to socialism, they just keep pushing to see how far they can go and how much you will take. I like to hear when the people stand up to them in what ever form that it may be I may not approve of what they have done But taking a stand is a good start.
  3. I have a amor 500 level 3 Steel on the back of my plate carrier, And level 4 ceramic in the front. I wanted more protection in the front because I figured with a backpack and gear it would help stop a round, and I would hope to face my enemy when shot.
  4. Class action law suit , defamation of character, assault with intent, and of course charges of treason for her! And lots of prison time that will get out of the way
  5. You need to learn to read it says , For those that say no one is coming for guns.
  6. Just remember if it’s not broken don’t fix it !
  7. Yes I like that idea thinking about getting a pair Doberman pinchers, Or maybe Rottweilers.
  8. I watched the live stream from Lakeland Florida today, Thank All of you for precipitation,  It was truly inspirational Nice to know people still care and will give their time to serve others.

     Thank you.


    1. LetFreedomRing


      Yes it was great!  Thanks TEEBONE!  Anyone that is interested may watch the recording of it here:





      Please like, subscribe, share and hit the bell for channel notifications!

  9. I work in Seattle and have lived in this king county for forty seven years. This is not a good thing to be happening. These democratic socialist and their so-called progressive government don’t have a clue Seattle is failing big companies are leaving. Amazon is moving to Bellevue Wa, Boeing is shutting down plane  
    manufacturing in Everet Wa, Numerous other leavening town.The chief of police resigned. The city council hires a felon at one hundred fifty thousand a year a pimp and called him the street czar . And it goes on and on l will be leaving myself as soon as possible.

    1. LetFreedomRing


      Good luck brother!

    2. 1oldman123
  10. Life is good that way , I go to Arizona once a year to visit my mom and sister , My sister and brother in law have a off the grid ranch solar  panels for power well with a pump for water no phone line all cell and wireless internet . You can see other people’s property’s but have travel 30 mins to see any body it is very quiet 

    no cars no buses no trains or planes. He said he made a lot more money living in the city but his quality of life is much better now.

  11. I do like your choice of music, Very good for this web site, Makes the future a little more cheery don’t you think!
  12. Thank you very much! For your input .



    I am on your side!

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