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  1. The situation in France is very close to civil war. We patriots expected that since decades! The current Muslim population amounts to at least 15 millions with 300.000 to 400.000 more entering legally every year. The political leaders betrayed us, handed over our land to our worst enemies. Only full scale war might liberate our land now... It never happened to us since the beginning of French history, 2000 years ago. This is much worse than German invasion in 1940, or even English occupation during the 100 years war...
  2. Seriously???????? I hope there isn't anyone insane enough to even consider voting for her!
  3. Hello to everyone! I just signed in. I'm from France although I did live in quite many countries in my life. I am a military historian, I served in the French Marines (Troupes de Marine) in the past. I am a Christian and ready to fight for my land, my faith, my civilization. I hope I can be useful to this group also...

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