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  1. Yes just seen that. Thank you for the help. Does anyone ever meet? Like on a sat or sun for a little bit in the area . I don't mind to drive towards everyone at all. I feel its important
  2. Well thats something. Ya know we can do the same and come together and whip that ass of theirs if they don't stop. I don't see this going the other way and after a point of no return which i believe has def happened after the riots and destruction, not to mention their walk in GA yelling racial slurs and calling the 3% by name and calling us a bunch of shit but you know why he did that? Cause we weren't there armed also. It doesn't take a big man to talk shit to a single white man in his car caught off guard while we the three percenters had no idea they wanted to meet for a play date. Next time they need to give notice and we can all bring our toys to play if they want. Its their call. GA is not Far from Nashville.
  3. Anyone still out there in TN? Military training and have trained in many tactical training and medical trained. Certified CPR / AED /TCCC. I'm a armorer and firearms expert. I am mechanical/ electrical trained also. I am a firearms collector and Krav Maga student that has trained in martial arts for many yrs. i'm 45 and married with children. I believe in God, Country and Our freedom. I have like many worked for all i have and not about to allow domestic terrorist to take anything from me or my family.
  4. Im also here in TN and wanting to get to know as many as many and here in TN everyone so we can work together and be on the same page as a brotherhood that can have each others back and stick together. Its the only way we are the strongest and unbeatable when it comes to our freedoms, livelihood and the future of our country that the far left is destroying by the day using race when its nothing to do with race but its all political and the Dems in washington are giving these punks the green light to victimize Law biding Americans and i won't allow it. But we need all the help we can get cause i have seen the size they crawl in on. Like cockroaches , they come in droves.
  5. I'm in the 615 area. Nashville and middle TN area that goes north to the TN/KY state line to murfreesboro area falls in that area code. I also would like member in the area to let me know so we can know each other and network.
  6. I'm area code 615 around the Middle TN area. Nashville to the state line of KY. If there are more in that area please let me know so we can meet and know each other so we can be organized with everything going on and stay ahead of what the far left is planning next. I could not believe the fiasco in GA where a all black militia heavenly armed was calling us out and making racial comments. This is political and they were making it racial. If we don't stand up they will think we are weak and that we are not.
  7. I seen the video on Facebook and its posted on my page. Sickening because this left wing militia (they called themselves) were not yelling political rants but racial and harassed a man in his vehicle only because he was white. They have it all wrong like the far left is known for and they want to make it racial. It was convenient that they show up when nobody was invited to join them and there were a lot dressed all in black carrying AR rifles yelling white racial comments, calling all militias out calling us names. Anyway that was GA yesterday. Has to be stopped.
  8. I would love to stay on a list or a way to know when these are planned and when True Americans like us are planning to go and protect our country i would plan to be there and help.
  9. I'm in TN and wanted to know is there a TN division? I'm in the nashville area. Thank you Rick Messina (615)5871943

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