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  1. We need to push them back very dangerous movement
  2. https://www.dailysignal.com/2020/07/07/these-18-corporations-gave-money-to-black-lives-matter-group/?fbclid=IwAR1cSBbVDXqmeMZnD0YsrxDAGR_qniXU5gB6tebW_sVa6EqjOhPqnBUfzsg
  3. Lansing MI local little church, local militia received intel that mobs were eyeing the statue and/or church as a target..they took it upon themselves to make presenc known..mobsters backed down.. but if the militias are not willing to do this in many or snot all cases then more churchs will be vandalize burn statues ripped down... let's be honest bikers for Trump can only do one thing at a time
  4. Just be a presence at least where possible.
  5. To be honest I was so impressed with the militia in Michigan guarding the crucifix in front of the church and yes it did stop the would-be attackers.. they moved on they did not bother to go forward with their plans because of the physical presence of resistance
  6. as another new member this site I think has been floating for awhile and I know some of the people are trying to build some structure. 

  7. No because the time is right now... how many churches have to be burned statues have to be toppled
  8. Maybe I'm mistaken maybe I thought this was a true real state militia site
  9. I joined a few days ago, two different militias...and I'm sorry guys...I see unorganized, largely inactive and fragmented small groups....the enemies are rolling QUICKLY, they are destroying cemetery headstones, toppling statues...public and churches....burning flags..going into more rural areas...we need to guard our vulnerable areas!!!!!!! Like yesterday!!! What's going on???? Communicate, take firearms and lets roll..beca presence at least!!!!!!!ugh!
  10. I've just joined the militia... I think ......anyways, it (militia) seems to be small ..not sure how organized or tight knit like the enemy, antifa..that is sad... Indivisible.org to go for info
  11. Go to : indivisible.com. for their movements
  12. Well I think I have but I don't know I'm trying to navigate it's a little bit tricky and I'm new to it I'm trying to find out how many members in the two militias I think I've joined....???

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