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  1. My guess, as a rank amateur in this area, is that at this point, our real enemies are not government intelligence agencies, even hostile governments, although they shouldn't be assumed to be neutral or benign. Rather, it's AntiFa or similar hard Left techies, who've learned how to milk Facebook and Twitter accounts for personal information, at a minimum ... and maybe how to do more. And in particular, I would beware of 'social engineering' attacks, via fake (or real) females pretending to be patriots. The normal male brain switches off everything except pursuit mode when it thinks vulnerable female prey is within reach. And note that there are lots of pretty young women in AntiFa, who would probably enjoy cozening 'reactionaries' in this way. So beware. They'll be after your real name and address and any other identifying or useful personal information, like where you work, that they can get. If you're married, they'll try to ruin your marriage, by getting you to write (or say, via a video link) adulterous things. This is one of the new modes of warfare. When you go online, put on your psychological Level III body armor.
  2. Some random thoughts re security: (1) The other side includes some very technically-proficient people. They believe everyone on our side of the fence are Nazis, so they have no scruples about what they will do. (2) Most of the employees of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, etc are 'woke', and some of them would probably be very happy to reveal the personal details of anyone they were told was a 'Nazi', to a Leftist doxxing team. (3) Watch out for 'Honeypots': these are websites aimed at appealing to our side, but whose real purpose is to collect as much information about the people who sign up to them as possible. Thus it's probably best to use a different screen name and password for every site you log on to. (There are dozens of soupposed 'conservative' websites whose obvious purpose is to attract advertisers, and they are utterly unscrupulous about what kind of advertising they will accept: so on certain of them, you will find advertisements for cures for cancer, etc. which are just quack medicine aimed at the desperate and gullible. Most of these websites are just news aggregators, with someone to put sensationalist headlines on ordinary news. These people are just sharks out to extract money, but there is no reason a serious Lefty group couldn't do the same.) A sophisticated 'honeypot' site will also have posters who sound like patriots -- including supposedly female posters -- who will strike up a personal conversation via PMs, and try to extract identifying details from you. Blackmail is not ruled out, either. (4) The best security is mass public support -- which can range from enthusiastic committment, to friendly neutrality.
  3. Establishment politicians in both parties often try to avoid getting pinned down about specifics. They like to talk in heart-warming generalities: "I'll fight for everyone!!!" blah blah. The question I'd like to ask is: should we do the same? Should a pro-liberty movement or party or candidate lie about, or maybe just evade, questions about what it would actually do if it got political power? For instance, suppose a pro-liberty candidate had no intention of imposing gun control ... but thought that he might lose votes because of this. Should he be evasive about his position? He could easily throw dust in peoples' eyes by saying things like "Guns in the wrong hands can be very dangerous. We'll look at the existing legislation, and if necessary, bring in new legislation to protect our children." But then in office, not do anything. So ... the question is: should we lie about, or be evasive about, the changes that would be made if true patriots had a majority in the legislature and executive (of the states, and of the national government). Or should we be honest about our aims and the changes we would make?
  4. Just a couple of points in reply to @ReconPrepper, with whom I agree on almost everything else: "One last comment no advocacy of armed uprising,......well many of the military manuals are on guerrilla warfare or counter sniping so I guess those shouldn't be allowed in the digital library then". Of course any comprehensive library on military matters will have books and articles on guerilla warfare, counter-sniping, mounting an amphibious invasion, assassination ... but reading about these things is not advocating them. I can study D-Day, without advocating this way of visting France. And you can easily justify actually doing more than reading about, but actually getting practice in, various military tactics, so long as you don't claim that you're planning on overthrowing a democratically-elected government. Rather, you're preparing for the possibility that someone else will try to overthrow a democratically-elected government, and you'll be ready to defend it. We can see this happening before our eyes at this very moment. (Leave aside that guerilla warfare in the US is just fantasy, even more than it was in almost all of the many Latin American countries where it was tried, and where the guerillas ended up in wooden boxes.) The reality is, among the white-supremacist fascist pseudo-Right, a persistent fantasy is that if some of them go out and kill someone, or blow something up, this will somehow spark an uprising of righteous patriots keen to overthrow 'ZOG'. 'Accelerationism', I think it's called. So, over the last forty years or so, we've seen terrorist violence periodically emerge from this fever swamp. These people, in addition to being evil, are also stupid: they can't distinguish between the crazy ideas of their own little groups, and the ideas of the huge majority of the American people. In a lesser way, this fallacious belief is found among lots of people outside of the neo-Nazi groups, on both right and left: because everyone they associate with agrees with them, more or less, they assume that everyone else agrees with them. Anyhow, the upshot of all this is: it's very important that the militia movement always affirm, in words and on paper, that its purpose is the defense of legitimate elected democratic government ... of the Republic and of the conditions that a healthy Republic is supposed to establish -- the rule of law, social order, public safety. (And which we have seen the Democrats unable or unwilling to defend, as their pals in AntiFa and BLM torch buildings and loot shops and even kill people, proving the necessity for a well-regulated militia to defend security of a free state.) Of course, there will be people, some of them genuine bone-heads, some of them working for various Enemies, domestic and foreign, who will try to provioke armed conflict between the militia and the state now, or to get militia members to endorse sedition. They pop up here several times a month. They're the Inside Enemy. The internet has made this form of warfare possible and we have to adapt to it.
  5. Although I don't believe 'guerilla warfare' as such is the future of conflict in America, there is a lot we can learn from successful guerillas, and one of those things is: we must be, to the people, as a fish is to water. Most Americans are NOT going to join the militia, even a 'Friends of the militia', just as most of them are not going to volunteer for military service. But to the extent that they have been helped during a disaster or emergency by the presence of a militia ... to the extent that they have attended a patriotic event --- even a Fourth of July barbeque -- sponsored by a militia unit .. to the extent that they know someone who is in a militia unit ... to that extent they will friendly-to-neutral towards us. That is why what Bury the Hatchet says is so important: " ... we should be seen in our local communities as the good guys. We should be seen helping in the soup kitchens, helping during disaster relief times, being outspoken to the city council or county supervisors over issues that flirt with or outright assault our Constitution, and every other cause that can show us in a positive light. People fear the unknown, and we as patriots have kept too quiet a profile for the last 20 years."
  6. Discussion here: https://theconversation.com/how-to-hide-from-a-drone-the-subtle-art-of-ghosting-in-the-age-of-surveillance-143078 This technology is going to be used extensively in wars of the future so we had better keep up.
  7. This is excellent! The internet is to 21st Century warfare what the tank and airplane were to 20th Century warfare. (Okay, I'm exaggerating a bit to make a point.) Most people post on discussion forums, or to their Facebook pages, for self-gratification. And there's nothing wrong with that. You see people debating Leftists on politics forums, you see long chains of replies saying "Yeah me too!" after conservative news articles, you see people putting up snappy one-liners on Twitter.... but ... this is just having fun. Our enemies are using the internet as a weapon of war. Russians (and maybe Chinese) are using it to spread disinformation (a speciality of the old KGB way before the internet), and to provoke violence within the US -- they're probably deeply involved in the idiotic "Boogaloo" business. We need to learn how to use it to build the militia movement, and to make the movement more powerful. One way to make it more powerful is of course to give it more firepower ... so everyone in a unit can save up and buy a collective Barrett .50 sniper rifle. But the real firepower increase will come from getting many more members and sympathyzers, and then turning this force onto electoral targets ... if we do not have substantial influence in local and state government -- people elected because of or at least with our support, who know it -- then all the weaponry we can imagine will not make a difference.
  8. I just came across this, but it looks very relevant: https://mwi.usma.edu/category/podcasts/urban-warfare-project-podcasts/
  9. AntiFa and BLM are not serious military forces. In any armed confrontation between them and patriots, it would be no contest. What The Enemy is counting on, is to provoke a confrontation between patriots and the official forces of the state: Ruby Ridge multiplied by Waco and then multiplied again 1000 times. The Enemy knows how to use Salami Tactics: a bit at a time. There will, for example, even if Democrats win big in November, not be an omnibus everyone-hand-in-all-your-guns bill, which would provoke a huge reaction. No ... there will be Red Flag laws, no-magazines-greater-than-ten-rounds laws ... and after that, a repeat of the Assault Rifle ban -- on buying new ones. Then, later, on owning them at all, probably after another horrible school massacre. Chop .... chop .... chop. We have to use the time we have available to build up the militia. People who insist that the only militia members they will admit have to be able to run a mile in ten minutes, do 100 push-ups, and carry a 25 kilo rucksack for 25 miles, are mistaken. The militia must prepare for 'Peoples war', in which anyone who can breathe can be found a useful role. But ... unlike conventional war, where you can be stronger than the enemy, ouitcome of a civil war depends on the state of the professional military -- and the American military is very professional. If it remains loyal to the state, the militia movement will be ground to powder in any clash with it. And at the moment, it will remain loyal to a legally-elected government. This is not a bad thing. Therefore, it is a mistake -- although an understandable one -- to talk about a "narrow window of opportunity". This is absolutely correct on a battlefield, in conventional war. If you learn of a gap that has opened up in the enemy disposition of his troops, or of a bridge that he has failed to destroy, then you go for it immediately. But our circumstances are different: so long as the government has democratic legitimacy in the eyes of the majority, it must not be openly defied with violence, because this will bring the patriots into a direct confrontation with the military (as well as discrediting them in the eyes of Middle America. Because the results of such a confrontation would be so catastrophic, you can count on it that some people are going flat out to provoke it. Like it or not, there is such a thing as fighting on the defensive, hiding armaments, camouflaging training as something else, having recruitment meetings that seem to be barbecues. A lot of the world has to operate this way, in fact. A victory in November for the Bad Guys will require pivoting to a defensive posture. But this will not be the end of the world. They have unleashed forces on their side that cannot be appeased -- no matter how much reparations money is poured into South Chicago, no matter how the police are handcuffed in dealing with the criminals there, no matter how many scholarships to Harvard are given to semi-literates ... it will never be enough. There will be more riots, more looting. Middle America has been guilt-tripped into self-hatred. But that will not last. Peoples' sense of self-preservation will prevail And THEN will come the 'window of opportunity', some event that galvanizes public opinion on our side. In the meantime, we must patiently prepare.
  10. I'll have a look at that link. It's possible for both things to be true, or partly true. It only matters if it affects what we do now. I don't think it's good to get everyone thinking we're up against a hugely-powerful all-knowing, highly-intelligent world-dominating group. Most people will react to that by trying to lay low. Rather, our enemies are like the Nazis, or the Communists: strong, dedicated, but also with many weaknesses and contradictions that we can exploit. The point I am trying to make is that there is a lot of accident in history, and if you/we are prepared, we can take advantage of it. The other side does. By the way, I had exactly the same impression of that video shot of Chauvin -- it was like something from a movie, especially that perfect shot of him with his knee on Floyd's neck, grinning full-face into the camera. My reaction was, "Gee, guy, have you been living on Mars for the last fifty years? Don't you know what's going to happen now?" But ... if he is not a policeman, but is a paid actor ... paid to be in jail? ... what about all the other policemen in that department .... wouldn't they be saying, "Hey, we never saw that guy before!" There are incidents of police over-reaction -- I can't think of a better word -- all the time. And there are other things going on ... like the BATFE's jealousy of the FBI, like the 'fun' of doing a 'no knock' raid, especially when it's against a white Libertarian, so you deflect all the race-hustler criticism you get when you take down a Black gangster. You no doubt saw the video of the police in Arizona just executing that poor pest-control guy, Daniel Shaver, who waved a BB-gun outside his motel window. But our side doesn't have much feeling of solidarity for our own people, so we just let these incidents pass. The other side has these kids, looking for any excuse to show how virtuous they are while breaking a few shop windows, plus the ever-ready looters. The Enemy is not stupid. Because there are these incidents of police/government brutality and, really, outright murder ... our side is disarmed. If all cases of police shooting or cracking heads were justified -- and most of them are -- we could just defend the police, and the majority of Americans would support us. But we can't, because they -- the police -- do it to our side as well. (SOME police, not all, not most, not even a lot ... but enough.) So the Left can appear to be speaking for decency and fair treatment for everyone. And they are taking full advantage of it. One big problem we've got is this: we have no overall counter Grand Strategy. "Take America back"? "Fully restore the Constitution"? How? When the other side has, through several decades of patient work, gotten very close, maybe beyond, having a majority on their side. We've got to think about this fact and not pretend that it's "voter fraud" if we don't win. One more point to think about: if the bad guys win in November, they'll have to govern. But they've done a Sorcerer's Apprentice thing, and may have set in motion forces they can't control. So we may see a large chunk of the American population waking up, reminding themselves of the virtues of self-preservation, and moving towards us. We need to be ready for that, too.
  11. It's a big mistake to see what's happening as all part of a carefully-orchestrated Master Plan, with each riot, and each Democrat response, all scripted in advance, and all the actors in the drama just puppets on a string. If this were the case, the String-pullers would have waited until after the election to light the fuse, they would not have had a man with obvious signs of senility get the Democratic nomination, etc. And they wouldn't have made the demonstrators get merged in the public eye with the looters and building burners. But once set in motion, these national demonstrations have a life of their own. Accident plays a huge role in life. And our enemies are not always brilliant and well-informed. Hitler declared war on the US after Pearl Harbor. He didn't have to. If he had not done so, it would have been very hard to get the American population to divert their white-hot anger from Japan. The Enemy has been termiting away at the foundations of Western culture for forty years now ... but he cannot predict where the collapse will come. Indoctrinate generation after generation of the elite of American youth with the vague idea that their country is somehow fundamentally rotten ... and eventually you will get a result, but you cannot predict exactly when. They've been boring from within in the military, via Political Correctness in appointments and promotions. But the military is a hard nut to crack, especially one which has been at war for a large part of the time of anyone serving: this tends to strengthen bonds among serving members, not weaken them. And war-fighters don't take easily to the idea that the country they have risked life and limb for is a diseased body which needs radical surgery. Massive suffering and defeat in war can do it -- as happened to large parts of the French, Russian and even German militaries at the end of WWI -- but the US has not experienced that.... yet. However, without being able to at least neutralize the military, the enemy cannot get final victory. So they need more time. Even if they get a lock on the White House and Congress, we will have several years more to prepare. Our main danger will come from internal provocateurs trying to start an armed confrontation between the militia and the state, giving the enemy the excuse to make a serious legal move against the militia. And there are probably at least three sources of provocateurs: domestic, the Russians, and the Chinese. The latter two would love to see a damp 'civil war' in the US, prolonged over many years. The internet has given these people the ability to act 'from the inside', apparently, while actually being outside.
  12. Of course. That's why they won't. Our enemies are not that stupid. They are relying on the American military, which they have been boring from within for thirty years. They're a long way from complete takeover there, however. But give them another ten or twenty years ... If there is an ongoing civil war that lasts for months or even years, there will certainly be foreign intervention ...America is far too big a prize for that not to happen ... maybe not with uniformed soldiers operating in their own formations, but with aid, even 'advisors' to the favored side. (And don't assume that our side would not be someone's favored side. The French supported the American revolutionaries, for their own reasons.) Aid, advisors, ... maybe followed by regular units ... that's how the US got stuck into the Vietnamese tar-baby.
  13. Everything depends on the mood of the majority. This can change, under the impact of events. If Trump loses, and if the majority of people in the US believe he lost fair and square, then we have to go into defensive mode. This will not be pleasant. War is often that way. But things will change -- we have seen that the Democrats are being pushed by the far more radical forces on the ground. A Democrat-run America will be under constant pressure from the revolutionary left -- everything will be under attack. The Blue states will become centers of anarchy, as policemen quit trying to enforce the law in the big cities, or just quit outright. In the Red States, we must make every effort to encourage people to leave the Blue states and come to places of safety. We must redouble our recruiting efforts, while watching out carefully for people trying to instigate an armed engagement with the national government. And, I can promise you there will be attempts to provoke us into a confrontation with the government -- these attempts will come from several directions, internally and externally. The communists and those enabling them and those responsive to them would like nothing better than a giant super-Waco. War involves attack and defense, advance and retreat -- the latter is the most difficult of all military maneuvers to pull off. But whatever is coming, the militia movement must try to prepare now. This means recruiting new members and buying arms and ammunition NOW while they are still available Your girlfriend, your cousin, your grandmother, should all be the legal owners of an AR15 ... even if you supplied the money and you have custody of it for safe-keeping. . And in a 'Peoples War', everyone can have a military role -- from 12 year olds to 72 year olds, because war involves a lot more than just pulling triggers -- people who may not serve very well as infantrymen, can serve as lookouts, they can carry ordnance to fighters, they can prepare food, they can serve as medical personnel, they can infiltrate enemy positions and try to demoralize them, they can serve as spies, they can do labor (building roadblocks). The phrase 'guerilla war' is thrown around a lot. It should be replaced with the phrase"peoples' war".
  14. Can be found here -- https://wattsupwiththat.com/2020/07/25/does-universal-mask-wearing-decrease-or-increase-the-spread-of-covid-19/ -- at the WattsUpWithThat site, mainly known for its contrarian views re Anthropomorphic Global Warming. There's a kind of analogy here. Firearms ownership by responsible adults who have a bit of training in their safe handling will lower the crime rate. This does NOT mean that if we simply gave a rifle everyone over 12 in the US, the rate of shootings would go down. In some places they would probably increase dramatically. So also with mask wearing. What you have to consider is not what perfect mask wearing would achieve, but what actual mask wearing as it will be carried out by the general public will achieve.
  15. I guess sometimes blue lives do matter. "Help, there's a man with a gun shooting people! You run towards him Mr Fascist Racist policeman, while I run the other way!"
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