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  1. I have been reading a lot of of your stuff...


    It's kinda hard to navigate on this site with a phone..


    But I like what you said ... about 99% of the militia today is not organized.


    They are running around in the woods ( with good intentions) with painted faces.


    There were some good posts from some other guys as well. 

    All seemed dedicated. Solid. 

    Honest about their experience.

    Great questions about identification...who is who..

    What defines a group..


    There are so many...

    With so many questions...


    I tend to look for what you have done and have to say...based on our first conversation... about Antifa... should we attack....it was very educational


    Even though I have yet to fill out some information / a form you sent me...yeah sorry.


    But my point is that as a Project Management person. 

    And someone who leads in his personal life....

    I see that maybe... possibly we need to start getting our local Groups organized.

    Then someone over our region/ district...

    And then a single person over the state...(?)


    Typical political structure...

    Without the politics..(?)


    Otherwise ...

    Just in my own ignorance... being new...not stupid...


    I see everyone looking for the same thing...

    But running in different directions.


    Maybe it is just because I'm stuck in freaking Southern Ca. The center of hell....



    This is what I am seeing...


    If I'm wrong...lol

    I don't mean to offend.

    I just want to be part of something great and there should be no stupid questions if you're real.

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    2. WinterPatriot


      I agree about getting together -- the problem is, the US is so large! Might need to try Zoom at first.

    3. Breaking Bad

      Breaking Bad


      What state are you in ...

      If that's ok to ask?

    4. Breaking Bad

      Breaking Bad


      When do we talk..

      I'm serious...

      I'm fed up with the Rhetoric.


      But I am positive that I am in this for the long haul...


      I got people who are saying yeah man..etc etc.



      I tell them that it's quite possible that you will get shot down right away...


      Buy I am more interested in step one




      Who do you know that I can talk to you about the cause..

      I know it sounds like a Mel Gibson movie...

      But that's not me...


      I like the zoom idea.


      Let's organize...as much as we can on day one...


      There is always the first time



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