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  1. Welcome. Jeff in Lancaster here. Huge horror fan too.
  2. I second using Parler to get the word out. Many many vets and like minded individuals. I talk daily with people who are sick of Democrats getting away with lawlessness. There are a million people with same idea, but how to coordinate? Can’t put up flyers. Can’t just post on social media. I don’t know the answer, but there better be some large scale cooperation before Nov. 3rd.
  3. Hey, how are you? I’m looking for a fairly inexpensive place to shoot, practice, target someplace close. Any ideas? 

  4. Jeff in Lititz PA, Lancaster county. Any local groups looking for members? I would like to learn more, get to know like minded patriots, and find a place close by to get some training/shooting in. Also if there is some kind of communication network to know where and when we could possibly be needed. Thanks.
  5. Hey everyone, my name is Jeff. I’m in Lancaster County PA. Life long conservative, constitutionalist, hunter, 2a believer. Believe it’s past the point of taking action, and things will only get worse as November 3rd rolls around. I would be proud to join any groups near me in the 717 area code or Lancaster, PA. Look forward to meeting like minded friends. Thanks for your time.
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