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  1. 47 yr old recently retired Patriot with 23 years of service in the US ARMY, 5 deployments to Iraq/Afghanistan and recently POST Corrections officer certified ready and able. Please notify me of any meetings or anyone linking up,

    Always forward!

    1. Airborne88


      Congrats on your retirement!  I'm 53, a former Infantry Platoon Leader and XO at Benning.  If you live in the 706 area code, let's build a team.  I don't want to be non-inclusive, but I want to build an elite team, clean-cut, "dress right dress", able to pass PT test, able to do conventional land navigation, etc.  I want this team to be involved in our local community (if our nation can survive all of this).  I want a drill team for local events.  Doing this is how we recruit younger troops.  I need YOU to help me make this happen if you're in Georgia.

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