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  1. Douglas county here.

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    2. Hatecommies


      I am in Overland Park. I am 63 and cant train with younger guys but can stand my ground with the best of them. I fear when Trump wins by a landslide they will cruise the suburbs and shoot into houses. We need neighborhood watches and the county sheriff  needs to deputize individuals within the various subdivisions. Good to hear back from you as well. Lets stay in constant contact. If you need anything holler!!!       Paul

    3. DYOUNG


      Thanks Paul.  November will be interesting to say the least. I get the sense that , for the most part, the patriots are waiting for local law enforcements to be overwhelmed, then engage when needed. I believe we will know when that time comes. I hope that the reports of Chicoms at our northern border waiting to come in ,is not true. If I can be of help to you let me know.  BTW ,Im 60 years old and trying to get in better shape.

    4. Hatecommies


      I hope so as well. If the Chinese are at the northern border then the Canadian government is an enemy as well. The internet is a plethora of info and disinformation.   Later man

  2. Welcome wisewissel. I am in Lawrence as well. Looking forward to communicating with you. 

  3. Well said. Thank you for your service to our great country. Lord bless you.
  4. Hear you brother, unfortunately I’m in Douglas county. Keep on moving.
  5. Are you active

  6. 913-340-6458. Text, rural douglas county.
  7. hello

    1. DYOUNG


      hello to you. good to hear from you.

    2. Shurrie


      that is an amazing view in your background there :)

    3. DYOUNG


      We are blessed to be here. 

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