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  1. Are you sure we have to have people to communicate with first... Just saying
  2. FB is crap for organizing is an opinion but its gotten 27K in members over less than a month it has help mobilize people to 2 anti protests this past week. It now has enough people and funding to get yes you guessed it a website that will be up next week and will start hosting PodCasts. The NM chapter I am part of the leadership has gone from 4 to 35 in less than a week using FB. Having said all that FB is not the place to put all focus but it is a great recruiting tool and place to put meeting notices up. I will say the couple of weeks I have been on here I mostly see people wanting to start something but never get it off the ground. The organization I'm with now has a forum too. Lastly I get the not having FB and it has lots of risks. MRB if you are interested in finding out more and when the website is up and running I will share. WebSite https://www.patriots4troa.org/index.php/Main_Page it is still being built
  3. If anyone is interested check out this FB group for NM. https://www.facebook.com/groups/282432319767631/about This is the national page https://www.facebook.com/groups/p4trofa Check them out see if this is something you can be a part of its more than the keyboard.
  4. I am now working with the Patriots For The Reclamation of America and the New Mexico Chapter. 



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  5. Too All I am now involved with a FB group Patriots For The Reclamation of America https://www.facebook.com/groups/p4trofa and we have chapters in 46 states now. I am part of the team running the NM site https://www.facebook.com/groups/search/groups_home/?q=patriots for the reclamation of america new mexico chapter . Go check out the FB pages and see if this is part of what you are looking for. The core people are highly motivated and have had meets in some states and are working on doing anti protests where ever the ANTIFA ect are. They are working on having the numbers to be able to do a show of force to shut them down but not to cause a conflict. Too few and you have a NM Civil Guard issue and you get horrible press. We are seeing being organized and a collective group goes along way. We are posting events in States so there is a single point of information for your state. Check it out and request to join if you want. We are vetting people so there is a selection process. The main group has 22K in members and is growing rapidly. (59 in leadership) This group was created from 2 reasons. 1) As another group for conservatives to express their opinions freely. 2) To connect people with others in their area to form "clubs" in case the current situation turns into a Civil War. This is not to promote or push such a conflict but merely to prepare in case it happens. New Mexico has grown from 3 to 25 in just a couple of days.
  6. We must maintain a positive control of any narrative of our actions and what we do. IF we don't we cost people their jobs, their personal security and accomplish nothing. This action I am sure will close the door on the group and hinder many more as useless keyboard warriors. How do we prevent and how do we prevail? Article 2 of the Bill of Rights enumerates the right to bear arms, but doesn't address any responsibilities of the militia or its make-up. Those are discussed in detail in the "Militia Act of 1792" and the "Dick Act of 1903". There's nothing in the Constitution proper about the militia. The Bill of Rights was written as a separate document and attached to the Constitution. Under the Dick Act, this group is identified as "unorganized militia" (#311(2) the unorganized militia, which consists of the members of the militia who are not members of the National Guard or the Naval Militia.) If we arent careful will can and will be looked on and presented as ANTIFA and BLM sucks but it's how it can be spun. https://www.kob.com/albuquerque-news/district-attorney-files-lawsuit-against-nm-civil-guard/5790971/?cat=500&fbclid=IwAR0Yfe6jE86SAXUbuM5JuYLi33ZY3qXTa7zht92PMnAUYdhkDPIr_XSCNuA
  7. And as we see from the last several posts why the "Modern Militia" isn't. We have those that want to fight with everyone and those that don't know how to organize and control. If we do not pay attention to what we say here it will be used against us if we ever have a run in. Our posts our every comment will be used to condemn us in the public mob ruled media..... People who want to be apart of something to provide protection to their family and community will and are shying away. The MN Civil Guard with the actions they took in Northern NM caused people to lose there jobs and law suits. They took action but didn't control the narrative. Poorly executed actions combined with poor communications equals failure for individuals and people as a whole. So we need to tighten up the shot group on all sides.
  8. Key points you make Support their local community and trust. We can not think of ourselves as the "Traditional Militia" rank and file Commander and followers. Leaders in what I expect might happen in the future will be people that rise up from experience and others are willing to trust. That is how it was back in the 1700's. We cant just follow someone who spouts I know this and I know that. Trust...... above all
  9. Nothing good came from the press release and the interactions the NM Civil Guard had in ABQ. Bummer
  10. Great questions. I am talking to people I trust in the community and first I get the are you nuts!? Then I work on explaining I think about building Super Community Security that requires many people from within the community that trust each other and are tied in with local law enforcement. So been talking to retired LEO's, Christian Leadership and Im adjusting how I discuss the topic as most do not want to be in a Militia but do want to protect the community. Back in 1760's each community took care of their own. I want to focus on that which means we have to know our neighbor and be a community. Sorry a bit of ramble. Training well in the military it is Shoot, Move and Communicate as core required items. In this information world it's Organize, Communicate, Move and last resort Shoot. Having said that I have to have a core group first then work on communications on how we internally and externally. With out this there will not be a team to do any other training. The other part of this is most people bring skills with them unlike someone joining the military. So not a complete answer but I am reading much of this page and from what I see online Communication/Organization need to be a core area and that requires training.
  11. Again Im new here and I am sure this tire is bald from discussion. My thoughts we need to redefine what we can do. By the Constitution we are not a supported Militia unless the state calls us up to be one. So that aint happening. We need to start small but work as a network. We should be there to protect our community as has been done in some locations with ANTIFA protests. less military outward but structured inward. Trusted with in our communities. I am working with local people I trust to build a small team. This has to have building blocks not a sky scraper.
  12. I think this is more on point and something that can be worked on. Local home grown less "Military" more down home. What that looks like I'm not sure. does it need structure and organization yes. I know that John Q Public thinks that a Militia is a group of Doomsday, I want a war, I hate all government, I couldn't get in the military but want to be super special ops ect.... Where I think we need to be more the "Super Neighborhood Watch" which has other challenges. Many good points on this thread and we all see the struggle which is why we are here. I want to be clear it all so shouldn't be an unorganized mess either
  13. I think that Militia as you are stating isn't reality and maybe Militia isn't what most of us are thinking what we need using the definition. I have read elsewhere that maybe the term Militia is out dated for what we need in the USA now I'm just not sure.
  14. as another new member this site I think has been floating for awhile and I know some of the people are trying to build some structure. 

  15. I dont see NMCG on here do you know of contact info. I did go to their FB page and what a train wreck it is. I would not want to attach my name to the public group. Their page is a cautionary tale for all of us as we go down this road. Social media is often how we as a group will and are measured. Not sure what the fix is..

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