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  1. Then, again, with groups like the Marxist led blm, antifa, etc, guilting, scaring, forcing city, state, and even federal politicians into kowtowing to their will, wanting to erase America's history, which is a page out of the Marxist playbook, next the rewriting, or wholesale disguarding of the US Constitution, the very document all militia/3% groups claim to exist to defend, when will all these "patriots" rally, even defend? It's a legitimate question, based on a real, "clear and present danger."
  2. Serious round their what's you favorite grain ?

  3. That's what I was thinking, but it does send a message, even if inaccurate to others around the country. Things like this will embolden others, unless they're stopped. Is there a point in which the state and federal government aren't enough, or show they will do nothing, and these groups begin shooting? Then what? Are these groups, combined with the Marxist elements, allowed to "influence" in various ways, politicians to rewrite, or tear up the very Constitution groups like this swear to defend? How long do all the various militia groups stand down and watch?

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