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  1. Many Democrats vote Democrat because they were raised to vote Democrat and family will disown them if they dare vote Republican. The Democrat way is one of institutionalization and mind control, but done so the supporters don't realize it. Sadly, it will be too late before many of them see the light. It will be too late for them to do an about face and help us to help them. Those people are the ones who need us the most now -- bullied by family, blinded by peer pressure or guzzling down all the CNN KoolAid and actually thinking they are doing the right thing by America by voting Democrat. Not everyone can be gifted with intelligence or critical thinking skills and many cities held for decades by Democrats purposely under-funded certain schools to under-educate a certain race. This kept them down economically by removing their employability. Then, used to a lifetime of welfare checks, they collect the welfare check that let's them eat that day and it comes from a government building with Democrat representatives in it ... mind control and institutionalization. Maybe I'm optimistic, but I believe the majority will get a reality check when they are pulled out of their homes, loaded onto a bus and shipped to the nearest prison city ran by the UN and their favorite Democrat representative is laughing about it. By then it's too late. Perhaps the Shawshank Redemption says it best ... at first you hate these walls, then you get used to them and eventually you depend on them.
  2. I just stopped driving for the day and all I can say is a sense of humor can be a good thing from time to time. I figured my putting 😉😁😂 would have made it obvious my comment was a light-hearted joke, but it clearly wasn't taken that way. This isn't the first time in my life my attempt at humor was overlooked and has got me somewhat effed up though so I'm not blaming y'all for not seeing it, despite my attempt to highlight it. With that in mind, let me say 1) my apologies for miscommunicating intent and 2) now I've been called on it, Skillet has me right. If I am discriminatory of others based upon my own belief system or views, do I have the right to be equally upset when someone discriminates against me based upon their own belief system or views? The concept of a free Republic is extended to all Americans, whether our opinions and views are in agreement or not. That said, something else caught my eye -- something that is far from favorable and something I feel compelled to address on public forum sooner rather than later. I'm not exactly sure how the conversation went from my explicitly referencing media lies and the concept of free speech to me being implicitly referenced as supporting acts of domestic terrorism but that's how I'm reading the direction of the comments and yes, I read the comments three times and yes, I got pretty damn pissed off three times too. I hope I'm wrong but just in case, let's stop that wagging tail in no uncertain terms before it becomes an issue. A misintepreted joke is one thing but this is something totally different. I do not support terrorism of any kind, whether foreign or domestic. On a side note, if Trump has labeled AntiFa as terrorists, why are they being arrested where they can corrupt inmates / convicts further and not shot on sight to eliminate the threat completely? Furthermore, if you do intel on AntiFa as part of "know your enemy", you will find out they are international with a founding in Germany in the 1930's and the leader then was a Stalinist, making me question Russia's involvement with them here and now. For how reliable Wikipedia is, https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antifaschistische_Aktion&ved=2ahUKEwjFo7GSvIXrAhXtTN8KHbwXAt0QFjABegQIAxAP&usg=AOvVaw3omv650hROwZlFeSwuLNRz. Are they our real enemy though? In my opinion, no -- I believe they are paid actors just like I believe Derek Chauvin was a paid actor to get things kicked off. In my opinion, our real enemy involves but is not limited to the likes of George Soros, Nancy Pelosi, the UN and possibly government workers from other countries, who are encouraging AntiFa to act out and morethan likely paying them to do so as well. If we take out AntiFa's money tree they will disappear back into the shadows. They are merely a worm in a game of fishing (we are the fish) sent to try and force something to happen and if the SHTF, they will become a distraction so our real enemies can continue unhindered. I also don't believe everything will go back to normal after the elections are done -- the NWO is too close to let the noose go slack now -- we are now at or very dangerously close to the point of no return. As the UN has openly said on their own publishing, 2020 needed a decade's worth of progress to make their 2030 agenda a done deal. However, I've digressed so back to AntiFa and their domestic terrorism ... If anyone plays Chess, what job does a pawn have? Hinder, harass, intimidate and threaten as needed to protect the big guns from the back row. That said, if they are dumb enough to get in our way should we ever fully activate as minutemen, well ... the taking out of a few pawns is an acceptable, anticipated and understood loss in Chess. Also, their lives don't mean anything to the politicians -- in engineering terms, they are sacrificial protection. I hope that clears up any miscommunication.
  3. With respect, Sir, we are supposed to be on the side of all Americans, whether left, right or in between. 😉😁😂
  4. Units in the 361 area code ... I have recently been made the 361 area code leader. Although I created the 8th TX Infantry, which can encompass the 361 area code, I want to be fair and impartial as area code leader so all militias can benefit from new troops and members are placed where they would be most useful without excessive travel involved. If you have a militia in the 361 area, please send me a PM advising of your catchment area and I'll try to put troops your way too. Thanks.
  5. If we look at past / present wars and the US / NATO tactics, there is a very good chance they will use death from above if they have the opportunity. Vietnam had a lot of infantry killed by the guerrilla tactics of the Viet Cong. We had to gain air superiority. "Puff" and F-4 Phantoms armed with napalm proved to be invaluable assets. When we fast forward to Desert Storm, we gained air superiority as a first move and relied on missiles to do a lot of the damage. Fast forward again, we have Afghanistan. Al-Queda used similar tactics to the Viet Cong and us - small units that are hard to trace. However, once the US found a splinter cell of Al-Queda, they used drones to spy on them, follow their every move, constant surveillance for a month while planning the strike. That strike came in the form of A-10s, AC-130s, AH-64s and drones. The US used advanced weapon platforms, all falling under the umbrella of death from above and have done for decades. So, if the fight comes to the US, what tactics are our enemies likely to use? The same thing -- spying and death from above. The spying may involve satellites, which might pick up a dipole antenna and calculate the transmission source, much as GPS triangulates your location from three or more satellites. AWACS will undoubtably be used as well, as we don't have Ground-to-Air missile platforms. Simply fire a missile or two, militia base destroyed. What I'm getting at, is while we still have chance to prepare, we obviously need a base of operations -- our homes will be destroyed, booby trapped or watched, waiting for us to return there. At this point in time, I think our best option would be natural caves, sewers or fox holes as a base to operate from -- force the ground engagement at every opportunity where we have half a chance.
  6. HOOAH! You have TSM in Houston, the 8th TX Infantry to the south, maybe several other units to choose from in your proximity. If you don't like the sound of any of them or if they won't take you for whatever reason, you can always start your own militia.
  7. I'm doing this because I would rather die than live under some worthless, commie bastard -- made to think what I'm told to think, say what I'm told to say when I'm told to say it, support some tyrant out of fear of persecution if I don't, made to practice the religion of their choosing, told to shower only between certain times and fined if I shower out of hours (as CA is currently doing last I heard), made to work for sweatshop labor rates, eating what the government decides I should eat or IF I am allowed to eat three squares per day, being dragged to a dungeon for taking a shit without permission, being made to watch my wife get beaten and raped by guards because of something I did, etc, etc. This is the choice you are faced with, America. I would rather die than live through this. I'd also like to think that before I died, I'd have the opportunity to take my wife out so she didn't have it to live through it either. It's safe to say, they would make her suffer even more tomorrow because of my choices today. Furthermore, for you lefties infiltrating our group, know this ... You will not be spared for helping their agenda!
  8. DM me please. Thanks

  9. Did you hear? Chauvin didn't murder Floyd, according to two independent autopsies.
  10. You must not have clicked the link I put up a couple of days ago on my topic regarding the UN agenda 2030. This was a link direct from the UN's website. They said they needed a decade's worth of "progress" in 2020 to get back on schedule and to establish a point of no return. I can only believe Covid, the riots, the toppling of statues, defunding of the police (weakening the first line of defense), etc was the "progress" they were after so it absolutely was orchestrated as part of a master plan. While I could never prove this, I am 100% certain Derek Chauvin was a paid actor -- he's clearly kneeling on Mr Floyd's neck while posing for the camera. Anyone with half a brain knows the kind of shit storm this would create. No REAL police officer in this country would ever do that. Also, how many videos do you see on YouTube regarding "police brutality" where the video cuts out the start of the altercation but with Mr Floyd's incident the camera was rolling prior to anything actually taking place.
  11. Go to the 3 lines in top right, click militias > area code militias and find your area code. If it doesn't exist, click the link to create it.
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