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  1. Just Remember! We are at the SitRep(situation report) of the current crisis. The next 3-6 months will determine if a SALUTE report (Size-Activity-Location-Unit-Time-Equipmentneeds to be laid out to determine how to keep America, a free America

  2. New here as I've been wandering the site on occasion.  Posted a DD214 but was informed I should've deleted my SSN...  Served in US Army from 1968 to 2001 33.5 years.  Began as Counterintelligence Coordinator, then went to Jump School when in Vietnam at the end of 1st Tour, then reassigned from 173d Airborne to 5th SF Group where I became an Intelligence Sergeant (11F) and back to a Coordinator til my 1st enlistment was up Aug 1968... went into a hospital unit, then left.  Wouldn't let me do my job; transferred to Co C, 3d Bn, 12th SF Group til 1980 and returned full time Active Dy as a medic in 7th SF Group, later became a SERE instructor, then assigned to Special Operation Medical Sergeants Course, and then went to PA School... Now primarily an Ortho PA and licensed in Texas...live in New Braunfels and mostly recovered from 2 Back surgeries.


    Would very much like an assist with this site...67% done but won't accept my Branch of Service.  301-580-4077, Begin with text please.  Hard of hearing.

    PA LICENSE TEXAS EXP 28 Feb 22.pdf

  3. Welcome to 830

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  4. baofeng uv-5r are OathKeepers radio of choice. They had workshops and gave out freqs
  5. They gotten cheaper. 5 years ago I paid $165 for 5 on Amazon 5 years ago We us the cheap cobra walkie talkie freqs to communicate
  6. The reason for the baofeng uv-5r, The Baofeng co. has stop making them...But has over 100.000 of them in inventory. So they're basically selling a $200 radio for $27plus
  7. Got 5 of the baofeng uv-5r. Cheapest best 2-ways on the planet. Have 5 for fireteam size commo
  8. Let me just say. In N.Iraq, before a firefight. We kinda knew who the bullet stoppers were going to be. Don't get me wrong we needed the bullet stoppers...To stop the bullets? So to the Bullet Stoppers "Welcome Aboard"
  9. Ready To Get Started in the 830. Retired from Ft. Benning as a Infantry Instructor, in"99
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