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  1. Everyone please listen.  Im completely against the deep state myself.  Seeing what i have been seeing lately only confirms what i told everyone 6 year ago.  Trump is only playkng his role kn exposing the deep state.  Why?  Why isnt anything being censored about this?  Whh isnt Q being censored?  Why isnt anything about deep state being censored?  They need to be exposed, to bring the end of the world into effect.  We all need to be praying like never before.  We need that relationship with Jesus. Like never before.  Jesus is our only saviour.  Why do you think all of this is happening?  They want us to rebel.  To fight against them.  So the Devil can bring his new plan in effect.  He is the Angel of light right?  He will come like he is peace.  He will come like a saviour.  He will abolish the deep state, to seem like a saviour.  Which he is not.  

  2. Hello from Logan county W.V Ready and willing for the cause. Along with a few others
  3. logan county here. Im ready and willing to get this Militia up and running. Once we get these Militias going. We need a lead man to stop these rioters and communist democrats. Im in the procress of recruiting more from logan and mingo.
  4. im ready in Logan County! We need to awaken more patriots to this cause. Share with everyone. We need a leader to make schedules and arrangements
  5. my idiot gocernor is making masks mandatory now! He is already known to sell out to china. He has sold West Virginia land to China. For their factories. To bring in refugees from China. I need to know of a way to put a stop to this man. Really what i need help with. We need to get all patriots together. We need a leader to make meating places. Time. Schedules. I have a lot of people ready and willing to put a stop to these rioters. To put a stop to these liberal communists. We need a leader to make schedules to do so

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