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  1. Great stuff. Thank you. Will follow your post! Still learning my way around the site.
  2. I guess you have no skin in the game then. Makes your opinion that much prevalent
  3. https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/back-the-blue-rallies-happening-nationwide-despite-blm-and-defund-the-police-rhetoric/
  4. The question is what would the local law enforcement do and the national guard? I don’t think they will go left and attack brothers, uncles, neighbors. After the attack on them recently there will be a division among them over doing so.
  5. Hey, keep my dog Roy out of this, lol. No you are correct!
  6. This needs to stop and quickly. The left is letting the animals run the zoo
  7. Jerryt


  8. Hello, new here and wanted to say hello. From Parma Ohio. Jerry

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