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  1. Maybe that's why there aren't many members in NC. I talked to one member who has been with them for about a year and said he hasn't even got his welcome package yet, It's just a few little things, but it sounds like there isn't a lot of support in the higher ranks.
  2. Right now there are only about 5 Watchmen of America members in North Carolina, but no actual group yet. That's why we are trying to start one here. I have two people, one in Charlotte and one in Marian that want t get together to get it started.
  3. HI, I go by radio controlled. I recently joined here and also Watchmen of America. We are trying to start a group here in North Carolina. Join a Group that already has a lot of things in place. I won't tell all here, just go to the website and check it our for yourself. www.watchmenofamerica.com Be apart of the solution to SAVE AMERICA
  4. Radiocontrolled submitted a new link: Watchmen of America Looking to start a Watchmen group in North Carolina. Ex Military or non military makes no difference. We need all the help we can get. Check out the website and see what you think.