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  1. I tried to get on discord, but I can't. I'll send you a pm.
  2. So is anyone here up to helping me fight the NFAC that was in Stone Mountain Georgia this past weekend? I'm so sick of this leftist stuff and it's time to take those people out. yes I'm talking war! I'm serious and I think it's time before we lose our country! We need to organize and form a plan now. I'm in Sumter SC and willing to step up to the plate ASAP! I heard enough from grand master Jay that I take that as a direct threat to our way of life and the established government in Georgia did absolutely nothing to stop that! if the Feds can take out WACO and Ruby ridge for weapons violations they should do the same thing for this group, but they aren't doing anything! I'm tired of it and i'm serious as a heart attack.
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