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  1. Alot of antifa groups went underground and changed their names. Alot of their sites have been dormant since 2018. They have reemerged, rebranded, and refunded from new sources.
  2. Something is coming. We all feel it...all of us new people signing up...its in the air. Without sounding like a kook, I have a gut feeling something is coming g that will be huge. We will all need to be "grouped up" for a safety in numbers type thing. Cant really put it in words...but it really feels good vs evil
  3. Great stuff. Too many even just people who served...they felt the call once. You cant watch the news now and not feel that same thing. Locally, the big militia group has set basics you must have and do to join. I aged out. Everyone has a role is so accurate. Keep it coming....God bless
  4. No idea yet. Forward mast they are saying has collapsed. The fire is in the engine compartment and may hit the fuel tanks....ps...I loved DC training in boot...lol
  5. Just over the border in berks county. Looking to be active...maybe we all meet in the steps of the capital
  6. I have been dismissive of the Q movement for a long time. Until I realized what they are talking about (mostly) is getting the country back onto the gold standard, dealing with the crimes against children and humanity, and returning us to a constitutional state. It's some crazy stuff...but the some of the rabbit holes you go dow end up being proven in the end.
  7. The back the blue rallies are gathering momentum. Even in areas where you wouldn't expect...out on long island, known as a liberal haven you wouldn't expect it...but they got a good size group of folks out there https://mobile.twitter.com/cjtruth/status/1282536679589412864?s=20
  8. Everyone has to make their own choices, based on data they take in. I can socially distance...I can avoid crowds...I dont cough or sneeze freely, my mom taught me better. Js. Look at data. Use the discernment that got you thru (enter your age here) years... the fear it's something bigger that is coming, and not a virus that keeps me awake at night
  9. https://bearingarms.com/cam-e/2020/05/21/pa-threatened-unmasked-resigns/ She will shoot people not in masks
  10. Berks county area...looking to get active and help how I can...former navy corpsman...voracious news consumer...lol
  11. Hey yall...just joined this week, found the forum. What's the next step....
  12. Doug mastriano, retired colonel US Army, and state senator in PA is hosting a rally in defense of HR 836, which would seek to take down Governor wolf's emergency order. The state supreme court ruled it must be handed to the governor, who has promised to veto. The state republicans and some Democrats will need a super majority to override the veto. The resolution passed with over 60% from the house and senate. The full list of speakers was posted, but I cant find it now. State senators diamond and mastriano for sure. I am not a leader, but for this I would say khaki pants, plain dark t shirt...PA is an open carry state. Make your own choice. Dont want the supporters to be the lead stories on the news. The message and speakers are key. That will change the hearts and minds, not force.
  13. Message me to meet up. We must be heard. I will be there...will you?
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