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  1. Just joined the site.  Have spent some long hours in the last half-year about what I'm seeing happen to our country.  I am a freshly vocal, former member of the silent majority.  No more.  Traditional values are acceptable, no matter what the Radical Left (including Mainstream Media) would have everyone else believe.  The country is divided, but right now the Radical Left is on a tear, and are standing, protesting, and yes rioting with no check or balance.


    I know in my heart that this country is great.  I know that this country has made mistakes.  But it doesn't diminish the fact that we are still the freest country on earth, and staying silent will be the end of ours, the greatest nation.

    1. ILSL Sheepdog

      ILSL Sheepdog

      Amen Patriot!  Look forward to speaking with you....

  2. Armed Peace

    Armed Peace

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