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  1. Our forefathers fought to start a new nation line no other but our youth have no idea what democracy and freedom mean, (not all of our youth) they have been hijacked by public education and liberal professors. Now is the time to take our country back from the socialists, antifa and blm. They will never take 2a and it's time to get our elected officials to back article 5 of our constitution!!!
  2. The military swears an oath to defend the constitution of the United States so hopefully they will honor their oath in which case game over but on the other hand all the chaos comes from the young adults (kids) who don't know our nations history or have been indoctrinated by professors and know smoothing about their govt. and it's history but digest the liberal socialist teaching as fact...wait till they find out what Venezuela is like if we fail to make a stand and protect their right to be sheep.
  3. I stand for protection the constitution against all enemy's foreign and domestic.


  4. Does this militia have plans to defend Land Run Monument in Okc.

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