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  1. You're too busy trying to impress people with... whatever abilities you claim to have. You've offered absolutely zero constructive data, as far as I can tell, but you have so, so many claims of having been "shown the truth" - or some variation on this concept. You're lying, you're full of shit, and you're more interested in your own glory than in people actually understanding anything remotely approaching the concept of Christianity. Congratulations, you're another fucking worthless narcissist. Mods/Admins: If you want to chastise me for my statements here, just fucking ban me. If you're more concerned about protecting self-righteous bullshitters who want people to be impressed with whatever "supernatural abilities" or "God-given prophetic visions" than in actually developing groups that can be taken seriously by rank-and-file Americans, groups that are willing to do what it takes to secure the concepts of freedom that this country was founded on, and groups that aren't beholden to the endless onslaught of laws that are designed to not only limit those freedoms, but limit your perceived ability to do anything to stop the progressive Marxist-liberal agenda, then I'll be deleting my account anyways.
  2. I don't believe there's a legitimate reason for incoherent, demented religious propaganda, either. This isn't a church, militias are not manned only by Christians, and this level of insanity is going to drive away people who are more level-headed, intelligent, and focused on the task at hand - which isn't hairbrained theological conspiracy theories. Given my own feelings on the matter, I'd say it's probably driving away the more serious Christians, as well.
  3. I honestly can't tell if this one's a troll, or if he actually does enough drugs to believe this stuff...
  4. I hope you're planning on recording that... would be very curious to see all the people that show up, and to hear what they have to say. That's not what you said. You said you guys were the ones planning to have people organizing rallies. You're disorganized, you haven't communicated, and here it is, a month out, and nobody knows what's supposed to be going on. Bold move, going with the "flash mob" approach.
  5. You're a month out from a supposed American Revolutionary Congress 2.0 and nationwide rallies the day following... ... and you're intentionally not telling anybody yet? Good luck with that. ========== I really try to be respectful, but it's poor planning like this - and being proud of it - that leads me to believe that America has already lost - its corpse just hasn't reached room temperature yet.
  6. For those curious. This means that an elected official acting against the United States, in violation of their oath of office, and with intent to deprive citizens of their rights, is an enemy - according to their own definition. Incidentally, it would make people like George Soros an "enemy" as well - and since the definition includes corporations, let's not forget to include Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Yes, BLM is a legal entity (501c3), but at this point, the term "useful idiots" applies more to them, I believe. The overwhelming push to remain devoutly loyal to a government and/or its elected and appointed officials while at the same time openly admitting that the same government (and/or its elected and appointed officials) have crossed the line into open tyranny and oppression of the citizenry is why I believe you (not we - I joined this website to test the waters, and I do not believe militias, as people on this website address them, are going to be a viable solution when push comes to shove) have already lost. It's why I wouldn't be surprised to learn that various individuals in leadership roles here would be happy to rat out people they deem to be a Red Flag threat. It's why I'm disinclined to throw my hat in with a militia here, when I doubt their convictions, their loyalties, and their trustworthiness. Part of this is a personal failing of my own, in that I am admittedly incredibly cynical and I do not trust others easily. Part of this is what I've seen in my short time here, and why I'm currently weighing the pros and cons of simply deleting my account and moving on. I keep hoping someone will change my mind.
  7. Son, if you think I've ever voted for a Democrat, you're not listening to what I've said.
  8. Generalization. I don't intend to make a list of every person on this site and rate them on how beholden they are to their particular state government and how much fealty they have towards the federal government. See the recommended authors that you included when you quoted me. I also stated that I don't feel I could rely on most people here - so what would you have me do instead? Roll in solo? I'm not Rambo, and this isn't a movie. The usual hierarchy is God, family, country, yes? Again, I'm unable to restore the country by myself, and it would be foolish to try. My next duties are to my family, which... being dead makes it difficult to meet those responsibilities. As for how much I really care, I doubt there's anything I could say that would have much meaning to you, so... believe what you want. For what it's worth, most people here seem to be reactionary... when the government becomes tyrannical, then they'll stand up to fight it. Spoiler Alert - it's already tyrannical. Rioters are given police and government protection, and people defending themselves against said rioters are being thrown in jail. Riots with throngs of people in close proximity are fine - going to church in violation of various executive orders gets you thrown in jail. Rioters can tear down your private property, and if you stand in your own doorway with a firearm as a show of force to deter further violence against your family or your property (sounds like what the police are doing at these riots... sounds like what the rioters are doing at these riots... sounds like what the CHAZ/CHOP kids were doing in their LARP game)... that's right... you face prosecution and potential jail. So... go ahead - be reactionary. Just don't be surprised when you finally realize that you've already lost.
  9. The country and the Constitution are arbitrary creations with no significance other than what people give them. The underlying foundation of both is the more valuable knowledge. I'd recommend reading some Thomas Paine, some Machiavelli, Thomas Hobbs, John Locke... don't rest your laurels on the conclusions the Founding Fathers established... seek to understand what they understood in terms of rights, privileges, freedoms, and entitlements. Why does the Constitution hold such high regard with any who call themselves "patriot"? I'm fairly confident saying that an anorexic minority of you people understand the foundation upon which the constitution (little "c") was built.
  10. I've been quiet for a few days.. a lot on my plate as we prep to move out of a shitty blue state (WA), but.... The notion that one's right to resist an evil dictatorship stops at a state boundary? The notion that a corrupt federal government will some day call on you people to resist - with force - a corrupt government? The notion that you have to wait for King George III's permission to rebel against his tyranny? The groups formed on this website are impotent by definition. I see I was correct in not throwing my hat in with you lot... when SHTF, you'll find me in a log or stone cabin with my wife, biding our time until the absolute hell is over. I'm not sure I can trust anyone here, especially when your loyalties lie with the corrupt governments you claim to serve.
  11. Some of those numbers are lowballed: Russia killed an estimated 20-50 million... China killed an estimated 50-100 million... Germany did kill 6 million Jews, but they also killed an additional 3-5 million gypsies, homosexuals, and other undesireables...
  12. Who was our enemy in Vietnam? If you think it was the Vietnamese, you're wrong. Who was Russia's enemy in Afghanistan? If you said the Afghanis, you're wrong. Who is our enemy in the current riots and NFAC/BLM marches, etc.? If you said the people rioting and marching, you're wrong.
  13. We like to think the "true patriots" in the military will refuse to obey orders to impose tyranny on the masses, but that's likely not the case. Not because they're traitors, or because they're evil, or anything of the sort. Rather, it's basic human psychology to obey authority - even when the acts they are performing go against their morals. Moreover, you've heard the adage that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, but few realize how horrifyingly true this statement is. Much like the patriots who fought the British 250 years ago, I expect we could count on the support of perhaps 3-5% of active duty personnel - assuming that 3-5% is all currently stateside and not deployed, unable to play a role one way or the other. This also assumes a scenario in which they are able to be mobilized on US soil, against US citizens. Why do I put such bleak hope on their faith to the constitution they've been sworn to defend? Again, basic human psychology.
  14. So that's how they're going to take care of servicemembers who'd actually fight for their country against a tyrannical government...

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