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  1. Ok your right I shouldn’t insult anyone. That’s my bad. But it got the reaction I needed to get. To get the info I need. I already have plans. I’m trying to involve others in these plans. I was trying to get a last minute convention I get it. It’s hard to do. But I was already having a meeting somewhere at the proposed time. I was willing to change the location to include others. No what’s happened over the last 20 years hasn’t work. So it needs to be changed. My people and I will no longer stand back. We have contacted Portland PD to help the UNARMED. We have contacted many PDs we are not of many numbers but we are of strong willed hearts with true faith in our country. We live for what we believe and we will die for it as well. My wife is pissed. That’s not our home you could get hurt. Blah blah blah. Well guess what it’s not our home yet but could be soon. So I stand for taking a stand and showing who we are! UNARMED no guns no nothing. We will defend however Necessary even if it means we get hurt. Is what it is. Pick up your teeth put them back in your mouth and go on to defend another day. No I haven’t had much face time with militias but I have had much face time in other things. And let me tell you what’s happening today is beyond political. This is an attempt at government overthrow. Complete tyranny and it what’s we are supposed to stand for. We need to defend it.
  2. I’m a county commissioner and business owner. No need to run for something lower than what I have. And I’m running again this year with no worries in my head I’ll win it again. But I’m putting my campaign on the back burner to go help the PD in Portland because I feel it’s more important to serve and protect than it is to pass budgets all day long
  3. And a position of leadership would qualify under county commissioner?
  4. See Rev I got what wanted here. Everyone is communicating. I have been with in my community busting my ass to put people together. We’ve been in contact with multiple people. Many of which are friends of mine in the house and senate. We are trying to put a group to volunteer to help the Portland PD. Nobody knows who I am because I don’t want it known. My name on here is enough. I’ve spoke with many people across the country. Portland PD needs help and their not getting what they need. No I haven’t been in the site long and I’m not sure how much longer I will be. Going to Portland UNARMED to help the PD. Everyone that replied if they read it all would see I said just to chat in person. Like our forefathers. But that’s obviously more than anyone can handle the reality of what might be going on. I’m not hear you jab or insult anyone. But every one here claims to be the wolf the alpha but nobody has showed one time they want to actually be that. Everyone is worried about their jobs money and family well if shit keeps going this way you won’t have any of them to worry about. So yeah I’m back to the communities of people who really want to do something other than reads computer screen all day
  5. Ok so here’s the deal. I’m an independent business owner I work 12-16 hours ever day. While I see people on here 10-12 hours a day. Yes I have free time to be able to do this stuff but that’s because I built my business that way did you? we are all strangers to each other so your Leary of the guy who says let’s talk about what happens if we have to take a stand let be prepared and ready for that day. Leary of the guy who says let’s talk this out in person? The your the sheep your Leary of your own shadow. and where and when I’m trying to set up. I want an easy place for us all to be able to reach. so here’s the deal. Either you are a sheep and hide behind your computer or your a wolf ready to attack when needed. Either you coward away from fire or you run towards it. If you can sit here and watch what is happening and be okay with it your not a fuckkng american.
  6. I posted this 5 hours ago and 20 have viewed it. Not one has even replied. Your sheep hiding behind your computers and phones. Wake up it’s time to come together. They have already divided our country by race. It’s time to grab the few of us there are and start making plans. I’m not saying act but plan. WAKE UP QUIT BEING THE SHEEP! Follow me into the darkness brother and I will lead you to the light!!!
  7. So it’s my opinion that we need to hold a convention of all the “Leaders of Our Militias”. We are to divided and we will fall that way. So I’m proposing to host an event in one state but for everyone. Where we can all come together and actually talk and debate things instead of making forms. That is how our forefathers did it. They held events to talk about what the real goal is here. How do we know that one radical Malitia won’t just open fire on unarmed citizens and protesters. Thats where we need to come together and talk about things. Then you go back to your states talk about things with your people then you gather again to chat. Anyone interested in this drop your info in my inbox or on the thread.
  8. I say we have all already been spending to much time talking the talk and bitching about shit on the internet. It’s time that we stand the fuck up. Why in the hell are a bunch of men on here pretending to play militia men but when they time comes we have actual terrorist in our country and you don’t want to stand up for it. I’m holding a National militia convention in Atlanta Aug1-3. If you want more in inbox me. If your tired of this shit inbox me. If you just wanna keep playing militia men games all day don’t inbox me.
  9. Grand Rapids Mn here. Actively train everyday. Need a place to shoot to knock off some rust. Otherwise active daily in some sort of areas.
  10. Agreed I’ve got your back as well send me a private message we can talk further that way. The first shot has for sure been fired. Follow me into the darkness brother and I will lead you to the light
  11. I will have to go check the ranges and look into it some. Of coarse they’ve had all our outdoor ranges closed since COVID-19 started. But yet the indoor range remains open. What sense does that shit make?
  12. I don’t know the first thing of reloading my own. I’ve got plenty of 308 myself but only sitting on a small amount of 5.56
  13. Looking for best places to buy bulk 5.56 that is not currently sold out.
  14. Thanks for taking my side there brother. I appreciate it. I’m not an extremist. I’m an extreme example of what an American can achieve with hard work. And if we wait till fall or winter to start putting thing together it could be to late by then. We could already have a communist for a president. We can’t let that happen or we will be at war with our own armies.
  15. I’m not assuming anything. You referenced the word wrong that’s all you got to say there. And if your a man of word and we are that closely aligned stand by me follow me into the darkness and I shall lead you into the light!
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