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  1. You guys are winner but all the american are looser and I am not the exception. Do you really think Trum can lead the american in right way? See the result in next 4 years. And if my words become true then kindly remember this little educated American boy's name
  2. I like to love people and serve their favourite foods.

  3. Sorry you may have some wrong idea about me. I am a professional Hunter and I love to Hunt in my leisure. Anyway , the most important thing is to make right decision about the right candidates. But let me know first what side do you like that give the support to Trump. Can you give me 10 good reason or quality so that I can consider Trump as a good personality?
  4. American is the strength of Humanity.

  5. You are right, I am not so educated and my writing is not so well. But i don't think this is my lack, do you know why? because i am satisfied that god have gave me a heart full of love for others. Just one question to you- how many old will you live in the earth? So why we are so selfish and what is the benefits to rules other, to kill others? Like as Gorge W. Bush? The answer is simple "Nothing." I have told you that i am not so educated like as you and that why may you are wiser than me. But i thinks it's should be quite clear to every conscious American what is the mentality difference between Clinton and trump. I don't want your answer just judge yourself and analysis your answer. I wish you will follow the right truck.
  6. This is always very doubtful to me that 'why most of the American think Foreign people as their enemy?" There should be some specific and significant reason but I don't know the actual reasons. But sometimes my thought bring the scenery when Columbus invented America and present American people from different European countries settle down there for seeking a new starting and killed millions of Native American. This History emphasis them to think about all the foreigner as their enemy as they were for the Native Americans. I know this world is not for the people who like to think and express their opinion freely but I love to and don't care any threat to unveil the truth. Sorry if anyone hurt by my words.
  7. America is a country mixture of various nation and various culture. Those two things made the America top developed country among all others. American people believe in their works and fate not relation with other nation, they are self dependable and have a good knowledge all most every sector. The top leader of the America always tried to influence on others countries and nation, they somehow came to help them and contribute to improve various skill to other but sometimes those purpose somehow changed to make the overall control and power. That's why all over the world the black power of America have seen to the general people and nations. As a result they don't want to give their life to save American people. I think this is the reason that's why other nation don't want to sacrifice for the america.
  8. I agree with you and this is a big problem that not understand what they read and doing when prayer. this is a lack and its from the person not the religion, as there so many people who know the mean of the Al-Quran and they take their prayer. The moral is- If you want to know about islam then follow the Quran not the Muslim coz most of the Muslim no a days are not originally pure Muslims. They are now stay so far from the main thought of Islam.
  9. Every times You guys should not forget that a damn Business who have passed his entire life doing deals with the money and it's also clear that have a lack of knowledge. How can be he is the perfect president for American People? On the other hand Clinton not came alone but with great successful experience of working for American people. in this critical time of the world American people should take decision so carefully or the result can harm all the Human Nations across the World. nobody want to see the 3rd world war where nuclear Bomb can kill most of the people in the world. So my request be careful about you and others people.
  10. this is a moral question for every time, which one will be the perfect person for entering White House? Trump or Clinton? many many confusion in the people minds but I saw something that I wanna share with you guys, I simply avoid Trump as he have nothing but some waste inside hs brain. You can search it, I am 100% sure you can't find anything else. He can tell lie one after one and have not own a single structure of common scene. On the other hand Clinton is well experienced and stable person for being the president and i think she is te perfect person to be and ideal American President. America is not for some special kind of people it's for everyone. Humanity is badly needed to be such great honor which I never find in Trump Behavior. he is 755 crazy and American will be clear about his ability if they elected him for the President. Wishing you don't make a single mistake.
  11. yeah you are right, the greats are always seems like an idiots, do you know why ? Because they always compromise to others, as they are Human.
  12. Yeah , this boy should 100 $, its perfect price. Can I have this one from New York and how?

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