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  1. Welcome JP,  Rev.E. or Raptor 47 are the go to guys for more info. Raptor is over the 423 area. Welcome aboard. 

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      Thank you! I am having a bit of a time navigating this site. Wonder if there is an app?

  2. One thing I always like to add to number four when it comes to verifying what is beyond your target in regard to a self defense shooting is to be aware of barriers behind your target which block your view that may have people on the other side that do not prevent bullet pass through such as sheetrock walls or even car doors.
  3. I agree on the red flags. The statement of just right of center ideology comes across as let's try to please everyone. Either something is right or wrong it can not be based upon an average of what the majority thinks. The Constitution a document founded in Christian values and faith where faith can not be excluded from the guiding principles of an organization. Even if it is in principles only and not a personal relationship with God through Jesus. As a society we need to work off a solid foundation that principles never change. How should we live, treat each other. Where do we get our value from, fellow man or God? What is right & wrong?. Yes it true there is a small destructive element on the right but much greater one on the left. When you try to please everyone you will find over time the goal posts of right and wrong are slowly moved to the left. The Constitution recognizes that we are under God. Today a lot of the country accepts gay marriage as somehow it is a right. If pedophiles called for the acceptance of being able to marry 12 year old girls we would claim thats crazy/immoral it will never happen but considering 50 years ago the same would have been said about gay marriage. Just right of center does not fall right with me. I will always be right with God and the Constitution. That does not mean we have to be aggressive towards those we disagree with but we can explain in love when we disagree with a viewpoint of the world. The communist movement is one that both creates a victim class and also supports those that the moral right disagrees with. All men are created equal but all men are also subject to God. We have to be careful of placing one foot on solid ground and the other in quicksand. To take a stand that you do not care about what a person believes from a religious aspect as stated in your text just translates as truth is fluid and can change.
  4. I would like a copy as well. You could try to convert to a PDF format and reduce the file size.
  5. The rank example you give are based upon the combat elements such as a fire team or squad. How does rank apply to support staff who do not desire to or are unable to fight. Maybe logistics, recruitment, public relations officer or intel. You may have critical members who offer support sitting behind a desk in a more civilian capacity. There are also others who may have a lot of battle experience but have limited mobility due to age or disability who in a combat situation may operate more in a fixed defensive position. I am thinking along the lines of two separate fighting units. Front line 18 to 50 year olds and older or disabled retired military less mobile acting more defensive positions.
  6. Yes we are being lured. The communist left is following the same game plan as they have done in all other countries that have fell to communism. Lots of propaganda and to create a minority victim class that is encouraged to rise up in more increasing violent peaceful protests. The left in all of these countries were never able to gain enough power or support to directly overthrow the government. What is essential for the communist movement is that they get a violent response from the right which is then amplified in the media as being 100 bigger than it actually was. It is essential the left gets this response to gain a ten fold increase in support for their cause. When the enemy controls well over 90% of the propaganda machine we have to be careful not to supply the fuel to the fire. The leftwing politicians with some Republicans have already run war games planning of what would happen if Trump clearly wins and the propaganda and violence that would follow or if Trump loses but refuses to leave claiming fraud. It is important at this time to train together as a team. Not to be a lone ranger. We are to respect the law, work with pro constitutional law enforcement and local govenors and use violence in self defense only. There will come a time for us to be offensive in the use of violence but now is not that time. The militia is the last line of defense. I believe at some point we will see states start to succeed from the union then we can expect things to get worse.
  7. Hey Rev, Just wanted to check on the status of the 423 group. Trying to understand the structure of the group. Is this going to be separate from the 865 militia with a separate XO or an attachment to the 865 group. I think many have the attitude if things get bad enough they will step up to fight then but it is essential for people to understand the importance of building relationships acknowledging strengths and weaknesses in skills and personality. To train together. A wise man understands the more we know the more we understand how little we actually know and understand.
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  9. Masks provide about 20% to 30% protection to yourself and about 70% to 80% to other people from you. They have to be N95 or N100 to be the most effective. They do not stop the virus but do reduce the viral load. So if a sick person coughs you may have some of the viral load stopped at the mask if contained in larger moisture droplets but what does get through may only travel a few feet instead of over 6ft. The virus if attached to small enough water droplets can become aerosolized and stay in the air for about 4 hours. In my opinion there is limited benefits for a healthy person to wear a mask just maintain social distancing. Even someone who is asymptomatic will have a lower viral load. Masks do not stop the virus they just reduce the viral load which may give the body an extra couple days to build up a defense. I would recommend taking 5,000iu to 10,000iu of vitamin D3 per day which regulates the immune system so you do not get inflammation of the lungs should you get sick. Covid is a real thing and is more deadly than the flu but it is being used for political purposes and numbers in some places are being inflated.
  10. I believe one mistake the militia makes is assuming any conflict will be against the militia and the regular army controlled by the federal government. While this will be true in a limited fashion. If things get bad enough for the militia to rise up against their own government then you will see a number of things happen including states succeeding from the union so that each state in effect would be it's own nation and the national guard for that state be faithful to the individual state. The individual states that succeed and form alliances with other like minded states would be the front line units fighting against the other states. We would see more of a world war 2 style of warfare. Not sure if certain assets would be universally agreed upon in regard to not being allowed to be attacked since it would weaken the U.S mainland to attack from foreign powers. Since the world is now a smaller place even if the union was to dissolve into two or three separate countries there may be agreed upon limits to internal warfare as to not weaken ourselves too much to make a foreign invasion easy. The militia I believe will be more of a local defence force defending local communities and operating maybe a couple hundred miles away from their home base when working with other militias. Even large portions of the regular army controlled by the federal government would refuse to carry out unconstitutional orders. You would see between 30% to 60% of the regular army refusing to act against another state and any war would be state against state for the most part. The end picture would be more like regular consitutional army versus non consitutional army forces maybe starting out with a 30C/70NC balance changing to a greater than a 60% consitutional balance on regular army side as individual people as more states and individuals come around by examining the facts and not just following orders. I believe it would be a mistake to think that a regular army will blindly follow orders from POTUS once you start to see states succeed from the union. I believe the militia should be seen as the rear guard allowing their individual consitutional professional states army by the front line troops. The exception would be to act as a gorilla style warfare if their state is pro communist once everything collapses.
  11. See the message in the link below for my reply. It is essential for the communist left for them to get a strong militant response for their plans to succeed. Remember we could legally kill someone in self defense and they could illegally murder 100 people from the right and the news story on TV 24/7 will be about a racist militia member killed a peaceful protester. We must not only operate within the law but also be perceived to be operating within the law. A few lies here and there, a piece of evidence removed by the friends of the bad guy, that one bad camera angle that does not show the full story and you can go down for murder for what was self defense. Even if they wanted to push it to the extremes a prosecutor could argue that you can not claim self defense if you purposely put yourself in danger that would require a response making you look like the aggressor or even call it as a mutual combat. You can not arrange a pistol duel that both parties agreed to then claim self defense for example. Now we must prepare for a physical fight but not look to start one, have a non violent public appearance, promote a positive image of the militia in our communities and fight the propaganda war. This can change very quickly and if Creepy Joe becomes POTUS (doubtful) and he not only refuses to stop a communist uprising but helps it then we are looking at a different story depending on how aggressive they become. My personal standard for shooting someone apart from a one on one self defense situation where I had no choice is for if things get bad enough for individual states to succeed from the union I would defend my state and other constitutional states.
  12. One idea I had for new recruits is that for the first 6 months they are considered prospects and not officially in a militia. If they attend a public event and all militia members are wearing a standard green militia T-Shirt with their militia logo on the top right side of the chest that prospects would wear a different color shirt maybe with the word candidate on it. This way if something happens you can release a statement that he was not part of the militia and was just under consideration and that the militia has decided not to let him join due to his actions. The six month prospect idea allows for a number of things to occur. First it distances the core militia if a new member (prospect) does anything stupid. Second it allows time to do a background check and makes it a little easier to let someone go. Third is that prospects would be required to attend all training sessions (drills and medical) and also complete some academic studies including course work on things like self defense law and even answering questions on what the militia bylaws and rules state without looking at them. You could also have a number of questions laying out different scenarios and asking how would the act in that situation. Fourth (optional) you could require them to do some sort of community help project. This is a good opportunity to work with the local police department creating that relationship. The police department generally know where the needs are in the community and can direct you to the right people. The main purpose of the 6 month prospect period is not only allows you to install basic training and understanding of what the local militia is about but the main purpose is that it allows the leadership to see the personality of the new prospect and see how committed they are. Call the first 6 months a probation or selection period.
  13. Many on the right want to act right now before the left gets more organized. Sounds good on the surface and in limited instances it may apply. One thing we have to be careful of is thinking our war is against Antifa as in the foot soldiers that will fight in their name. While this may be true they are the secondary enemy. The primary enemy is the ideology and the leaders at the top. Especially those running the psychological warfare. We may never win the the psychological war but it is important to understand how communism took hold of other countries. First- The communist find a natural divide among the people be it race, religion, wealth, etc. Two - Stress the victimhood of the weaker group demanding equality while slowly taking over media outlets. Three - Anytime an injustice is done exaggerate it to be much worse than it is causing small groups of the weaker class to start to rise up in small groups. Four - They will continue to repeat this process wanting to see a major pushback from the otherside while establishing local politicians who support the weaker side while condemning the other side. Five - Which brings us to where we are now. The communist promote an image that they are stronger than they actually are which encourages others to be more bold but what they really need is for the right to rise up and strike back in some major way. Once this happens then they know that support for their cause will increase ten fold and the victim class being emboldened by believing they stand a chance being armed and encouraged to use violence to claim the rightful equality the communist lie has told them about. The idea that the will never be truly equal unless they are the superior power. There is a fine line between a peaceful Republic and total collapse. A change that can happen in just a few weeks. Before we ever strike back we should always ask is this something we really need to do. I believe right now the importance of positive propaganda concerning the milita, consitutional education within our communities and gaining support of our local neighbors many of whom may not get in the physical fight but help in other ways is essential. We need to physically prepare with people, equipment, logistics, training etc. At the end of the day we must always remember that those at the communist top understand it is essential that the right strike back in some way for the communist movement to be emboldened to rise up in greater numbers. This is the model used in other countries that fell to communism. They are counting on resistance from the right to succeed. In regard to a large scale counter attack it would need to be a situation where both local and federal government refuse to stand up the Antifa as they terrorize the country. Imagine if the corrupt left steal the election in November due to voter fraud and creepy Joe becomes POTUS. It still amazes me that so many people wait until the last minute to buy firearms and ammo. Hopefully most of these are first time gun owners. Those who consider themselves part of the militia should already of purchased several thousand rounds of ammo when times were good and not wait to the last minute.
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