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  1. Please leave address and when you will not be home . Sounds like my house. The rule I have always followed is have a base amount of ammo for each caliber then after that only shoot 50% of what you buy and store the other 50% until you have two or three years worth of ammo.
  2. Great weekend. Enjoyed it and learnt a lot. Looking forward to more great teaching.
  3. Welcome JP,  Rev.E. or Raptor 47 are the go to guys for more info. Raptor is over the 423 area. Welcome aboard. 

    1. JPWIII


      Thank you! I am having a bit of a time navigating this site. Wonder if there is an app?

  4. One thing I always like to add to number four when it comes to verifying what is beyond your target in regard to a self defense shooting is to be aware of barriers behind your target which block your view that may have people on the other side that do not prevent bullet pass through such as sheetrock walls or even car doors.
  5. I would like a copy as well. You could try to convert to a PDF format and reduce the file size.
  6. The rank example you give are based upon the combat elements such as a fire team or squad. How does rank apply to support staff who do not desire to or are unable to fight. Maybe logistics, recruitment, public relations officer or intel. You may have critical members who offer support sitting behind a desk in a more civilian capacity. There are also others who may have a lot of battle experience but have limited mobility due to age or disability who in a combat situation may operate more in a fixed defensive position. I am thinking along the lines of two separate fighting units. Front line 18
  7. Yes we are being lured. The communist left is following the same game plan as they have done in all other countries that have fell to communism. Lots of propaganda and to create a minority victim class that is encouraged to rise up in more increasing violent peaceful protests. The left in all of these countries were never able to gain enough power or support to directly overthrow the government. What is essential for the communist movement is that they get a violent response from the right which is then amplified in the media as being 100 bigger than it actually was. It is essential the left g
  8. Hey Rev, Just wanted to check on the status of the 423 group. Trying to understand the structure of the group. Is this going to be separate from the 865 militia with a separate XO or an attachment to the 865 group. I think many have the attitude if things get bad enough they will step up to fight then but it is essential for people to understand the importance of building relationships acknowledging strengths and weaknesses in skills and personality. To train together. A wise man understands the more we know the more we understand how little we actually know and understand.
  9. Masks provide about 20% to 30% protection to yourself and about 70% to 80% to other people from you. They have to be N95 or N100 to be the most effective. They do not stop the virus but do reduce the viral load. So if a sick person coughs you may have some of the viral load stopped at the mask if contained in larger moisture droplets but what does get through may only travel a few feet instead of over 6ft. The virus if attached to small enough water droplets can become aerosolized and stay in the air for about 4 hours. In my opinion there is limited benefits for a healthy person to wear a mask
  10. I believe one mistake the militia makes is assuming any conflict will be against the militia and the regular army controlled by the federal government. While this will be true in a limited fashion. If things get bad enough for the militia to rise up against their own government then you will see a number of things happen including states succeeding from the union so that each state in effect would be it's own nation and the national guard for that state be faithful to the individual state. The individual states that succeed and form alliances with other like minded states would be the front li
  11. See the message in the link below for my reply. It is essential for the communist left for them to get a strong militant response for their plans to succeed. Remember we could legally kill someone in self defense and they could illegally murder 100 people from the right and the news story on TV 24/7 will be about a racist militia member killed a peaceful protester. We must not only operate within the law but also be perceived to be operating within the law. A few lies here and there, a piece of evidence removed by the friends of the bad guy, that one bad camera angle that does not show the ful
  12. One idea I had for new recruits is that for the first 6 months they are considered prospects and not officially in a militia. If they attend a public event and all militia members are wearing a standard green militia T-Shirt with their militia logo on the top right side of the chest that prospects would wear a different color shirt maybe with the word candidate on it. This way if something happens you can release a statement that he was not part of the militia and was just under consideration and that the militia has decided not to let him join due to his actions. The six month prospect idea a
  13. Many on the right want to act right now before the left gets more organized. Sounds good on the surface and in limited instances it may apply. One thing we have to be careful of is thinking our war is against Antifa as in the foot soldiers that will fight in their name. While this may be true they are the secondary enemy. The primary enemy is the ideology and the leaders at the top. Especially those running the psychological warfare. We may never win the the psychological war but it is important to understand how communism took hold of other countries. First- The communist find a natural

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