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  1. I carry a pocket knife. Is this going to cause me problems in DC?
  2. I cannot sit here knowing our country will be gone one the Demonrats take over this country. I am leaving the 3rd or 4th of January from Beloit, KS and heading to DC. Anyone else going? I hope to arrive on the 5th. I plan to take the subway from Gaithesburg ( Shady Grove MetroStation )to the capital. I will be camping out of my car. Never been to D.C. so I am trying to gather any intel from anyone who has been the that cesspool who might be able to provide any advice.
  3. Good Morning- are you looking to join a unit? or have you found one?? if not, I can help to find a unit near you, hopefully...Shurrie

  4. Time for Patriots to stand up and be counted.

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