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  1. This guy stood up and I will not pick him apart with technicalities...and he did it without any damn battle rattle just a set of balls!
  2. Please...if someone knows his family...tell them to start a Kyle Rittenhouse Freedom Fund!!! We have plenty of people in PA that would donate for his freedom!
  3. Not sure why I didn't get it...i even checked the spam...please resend your information and I will get you the information you need
  4. Yes...however I cannot take credit for the work...that would be the group that I work with. They are extremely capable comms personnel, I would say experts in the field. Our comms people work hand in hand with patriot groups to learn and build off each other's knowledge. Personally, I have little comms knowledge. But if you want to organize something bigger, strong viable comms are a must. It is our way of strengthening PA.
  5. I have been a member going on 3 years. When this site came on the radar and the owner doxxed, I decided that it would be better to expunge my account and start over. Clear the table so to speak. As far as our network goes, we have been up and running for 18mos now and are still growing. Well over 10 groups are represented with weekly checkins over multiple platforms to ensure viability. Most units lack true comms capabilities. So...we offer to teach, help organize, and focus you on the best equipment for the best prices. (No, we do not sell anything nor make any profit whatsoever, we charge nothing) Just so everyone knows, we do not interfere with the internals of any organization. Your group is your group (although we will help you in any way we can, if you ask). We are support, not tactical (although we may build a tactical squad at some point), we are grey (except for trusted people and this site) and intend to stay that way as it suits our mission best. If anyone has any questions, just PM me....Relic.
  6. I would say to look at yourself and decide what you can offer and find a group that needs those assets. Everyone has something to offer a group.
  7. It always helps if you can provide a state where you are from. No addresses please.
  8. In my humble opinion, protecting statues is a waste of resources. Hear me out before you rant. I understand your anger. It is totally justified. However... 1. Protecting historical statues is a police action. We are not police ...we have little to no authority. The police dont want us there (many have already capitulated to the left and taken the knee) and look for reasons to arrest us and make us look ridiculous anyway (there are rare occasions where they ask for assistance and these are the only time I would render assistance) 2. Statues are merely memorials. Meaning they are dedicated to the memory of people and moments of import to the nation (or people). Instead of saving historical totems, teach your children about that person or moment. Most defenders of a statue dont even know about the statue's importance. Take the time to learn it yourself as well and make their memories real. 3. You are giving leftists and government supremacists intel on you. The left and .gov types are photographing and gathering intel on size and other aspects of the defenders. Dont give them that. 4. You will burn out your own group's determination to make a difference. Many of your people only will have a small amount of wherewithal to constantly chase their tails. Defending statues is impossible, once you go home, it would come down...it would take a full time job with benefits and government backing at every controversial statue to actually protect them. 5. It's just not an existential problem. Militias, in my opinion, activate to existential threats...Disasters and conflicts....large scale and life threatening. We can see where the destruction of historic memorials lead (for those that do not know its usually genocide or mass upheaval)...prepare for that inevitable outcome...not putting a bandaid on a hemorrhage. I appreciate every single person that has stepped up. Just understand that it would be better to protest the police or politicians for not doing their job than to try and do the work of police and politicians. I hate long posts so I apologize.

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