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  1. Yep. I've been on MeWe since early 2016. I also dropped Facebook.. It is not social media.. it is a surveillance program. None for me, thanks
  2. At the time the following information came out, I was using Discord on a Windows machine.. Since that time I stopped using anything Window/Microsoft-related along with Discord. But this is still 'a concern'. https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/discord-turned-into-an-info-stealing-backdoor-by-new-malware/
  3. I am trying to find that out as well. I don't have (no longer have) a Facebook account at all. I didn't trust anything that got posted there. I know of a lot of communications means that are a lot more secure than Facebook.. A few that come to mind is 'Private group on MeWe', our own server on Discord, and sms messaging via 'Signal'.. the last of which is encrypted end-to-end. An inquisitive investigator might be able to see that Person A sent a message to Person B.. but he won't be able to see what was in that message. Hopefully others, more knowledgeable than I, will jump in here and give us some additional info.
  4. I am in Mission, TX. Retired so I am more likely to be able to help out with communications & electronics. I was in avionics in the USAF followed by 30+ years of electronics and communications experience. Current ham radio operator. Willing to help out where ever and how ever I can.
  5. minicowman


  6. Moved from Johnson County to Pawnee County. Still waiting to hear about a group forming.
  7. Roll call, aye! southeast Nebraska. No longer AmRRON member (JJS & I didn't hit it off) but still willing and mostly able.
  8. Johnson County, NE.. Corps member in AmRRON (search engines are our friend). Looking to assist when and where I can.

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