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  1. I am in Aztec, glad to see we have other Patriots around the area, SARoperator
  2. been gone awhile, getting everything ready for hunting season, we , our Family have 7 elk tags to fill this fall,

  3. buy ammo thru sportsmans guide / 4 pay plan / that way you can get more and pay for it in 4 payments , besides when SHTF, you pick up the ammo off the dead and anything else you might need
  4. thanks for your support

    1. Steven smith

      Steven smith

      Thanks fixer, glad to be able to help

  5. Steven smith

    Gila 017

    Black bear at 30ft and doesnt know that I`m even there
  6. the wife with her horses packing my bull out of Diablo Canyon
  7. My bull elk from 2015 muzzleloader hunt
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