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  1. I'm frustrated and angry also, brother. I've been pondering the state of the union for years as our liberties have been eroding and socialism has gained popularity. This past year has been eye opening. Many of our elected officials are willing to burn the country to the ground to keep or acquire power. The deception is like we saw in communist states during the Cold War. Politicians are naturally liars, but I never thought it would get like this. I never thought government officials would try to remove an elected president or crash the economy to win an election, but, here we are ... and they NEED to win this election to ensure their crimes aren't investigated. I believe there is a literal enemy, but they're directing and funding all the activities you mention. I've always thought it was one of the communist super-powers, but the events recently have revealed there are people within our own government working against the people to achieve their political goals. Maybe there are several players with different objectives creating the perfect storm. Maybe the politicians involved are being played for their ambition. Maybe they've been blackmailed. I don't think this is of organic or grass-roots origin though. All the redactions in the FOIA docs indicate the Intelligence Community is involved. Agree. Can we even clearly define the enemy? Antifa and BLM aren't the enemy - they're just a bunch of "useful idiots" as Lenin would say. Most of the power hungry politicians are probably just pawns. It isn't D's vs. R's - both parties want the same thing: power. We have a moral crisis. People in power or with influence are willing to cross moral boundaries to achieve their goals. Everyone is a liar. Our society can't function unless we agree to be honest and respect our neighbor whom we differ with. What we see happening now is by design. War is exactly what the Left needs to form a new government and rid themselves of that outdated Constitution we hold so dear. They don't have the votes to amend it. If patriots start bloodshed the Left will portray us as the enemy. They control the media and have been very effective at persuading the masses. I've been asking myself where the IC is in this mess. They can't be blind to it. The Patriot Act gave them the power to read everyone's mail. So, what are they doing? Trump declaring Antifa a domestic terrorist organization opened the door for the IC to access any suspected Antifa comms. They may be pawns, but are they following this to the leadership? If senior leadership are involved, they'll have to make a very solid case against them. I don't think all the cards have been played. I know there are many patriots in the IC - even if some of the leadership is compromised. There are some patriots in congress. I just hope they realize our enemy is getting ready to make a stand and will hold nothing back. The good guys in congress have been playing by gentleman's rules. Trump knows the gloves need to come off. The rest are starting to see that.
  2. I hear you, sir and agree for the most part. I recently joined a newly formed group and can attest to my struggles in this regard. When I was in the military it was my job. I didn't have to work elsewhere to make a living. I had off-duty time to spend with my family. Then, duty was my first priority. I now have my business, a larger family, and many more personal responsibilities. I'm having trouble making it to a weekly militia event just due to work and family obligations. I see this with all sorts of volunteer organizations. It's difficult to commit the time necessary to contribute to a volunteer organization. We shouldn't assume people's motives. The leadership in my group are young people with work and family obligations who have managed to commit the time to recruit and train. I have great respect for them. They're doing an outstanding job. I see this as more of a time management problem. We're all volunteers. Time management boils down to priorities. If conflict was at our doorstep all priorities would change, but it would be too late at that point. Prepare begins with "pre" Recruitment, positive image in the community, training, are good strategies and that's what I see in our group and this forum. Keep up the good work. BTW - I loved the Leadership 101 series.
  3. I had joined this Facebook group named something like "Fans of Kayleigh McEnany". A few weeks ago the name of the group was changed to something like "Britney Spears Lesbian Block Party" and the posts were really vulgar. The description changed as well to something like "you're locked in and can't get out". I tried to quit the group and couldn't. I tried to snooze the content and couldn't. About the time I was ready to write all the members of the Senate Commerce Committee, I start to gather my data and the group was gone. I was thinking there was a Facebook insider responsible. Who else could make it so you can't leave a group? Someone either falsely represented the group to start with or hacked it later on. Facebook didn't censor any of the crazy content either. I'm on Parler and don't do much on Facebook anymore. The Senate needs to actually do something. The last few hearings were a cute dog and pony show. Elections have already begun and the Senate member have said some real zingers for their audience. There needs to be serious consequences - months too late already.
  4. What's the Agency's game here? Michael Rogers says Brennon relied on the dossier. Clapper said before congress that they didn't. Comey said they did. Then there were those in the IC that leaked, what was at the time, classified information to the press in order to damage Trump. This is the kind of information warfare the CIA does to our enemies. Obviously they were placing intel value on this and the Clinton email scandal. The players aren't prosecuted and all the FOIA documents are heavily redacted. This indicates they're intel assets. Pizzagate and Epstien have a stake in this as well. That wasn't just a bunch of pedos and perves - it was extortion and espionage. Anyone who worked in the IC knows the game - all the passengers on the Lolita Express had a hook in their jaw. Listen to Mike Cernovich's ordeal. It makes me wonder who are the handlers. At first I suspected Russia or China. This whole mess sounds like the Agency was extorting all these people. Why else let them run free? Does Russia or China have the insiders to whak Epstein? https://www.prageru.com/video/the-candace-owens-show-mike-cernovich/ What's going on here? Because is sure looks like the Agency is playing the American people. How does that differ from a soldier who turns his weapon on American citizens?
  5. Facebook isn't free. It just appears that way. Facebook user's trade their "free services" for the use of their personals information as a commodity. Time to flip that paradigm on it's head. Use Facebook only to allow people not in your network to find you. Don't post anything that even appears controversial - just vanilla stuff to let people know you're there. Direct new people in your network to other platforms where you can share the content you want. Start using Zuck instead of allowing him to use you. Don't ban social media. Use it to your advantage.
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