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  1. It might be worth a try and see how it goes. Some days I have a hard enough time finding the reply button.
  2. Kerouac, No man you are not alone by any measure. We are out there and love this country and will stand up for it against enemies, domestic or otherwise. I am still trying to figure out how to talk to people on the boards on the down low , without putting things not meant for general consumption splashed all over the net.
  3. Are you still interested in the southern Missouri area?? . I would like to get together with like minded people that REALLY have each other's back as neighbors and purchase land with housing on it or ready for a house and the like.
  4. Absolutely right Kaser100, the bug out bag can take time to put together but with ( hopefully) money on hand to get the tent and camping gear , med supplies and the like it is very doable. Any body in the Springfield Missouri area are welcome to contact me so we can form a cohesive group and work on training and topic's and some bonding.
  5. I don't know if anybody is home here but thought I would give a yell and see if I get an answer. I am in the Springfield area.

  6. Alamo


  7. If I can find one here in the area. I would even be willing to travel a bit to find a decent place to get some training work. It is tough to find people in the country that will trust " outsiders" . I can understand it though. I used to live in a nice quiet and friendly neighborhood but life time welfare socialist types started renting the older homes that the old timers of the neighborhood lived in and turned them into dumps. It can sure drag a guys spirit's down.
  8. Especially firing range practice without soccer mom's and little kids running about wile training like at supervised firing ranges. It isn't the same as a private area to take time and think about the training at hand and walk away a bit smarter about what I learned that day.
  9. Ok, will do. I am figuring out this web site as well as I just found it this morning. I would love to train and keep my skills up but a firing range really don't cut the cake. Need a place in the country to hike and do skill training and real world training. Can't do that in the suburbs.
  10. What's up mark, I know how you feel about being a one man army, I live in Springfield Missouri and I noticed only three names in Springfield. And they don't seem to be active. Kinda difficult to get anything going if nobody cares. Springfield has about 300,000 in population .

  11. I was looking in the active Militia sections and noticed only a few names and no militias in Springfield Missouri. I found that a bit odd and kinda depressing.
  12. I am in Springfield and looking for an active group to join. By the looks of the site of the brotherhood not much is going on

  13. Hello everyone, glad to be here. My once nice quiet friendly neighborhood has been taken over by socialist of the worst kind. I have been in an active cold war with these lifetime welfare bums for 8 years now and this year (2020) has by far been the worst. Stalking, stealing, and mass shows of force to intimate me has not and will not intimate me.   Eight   plus years this has been going on and as of the time of this message I have no idea why they behave in such a disgraceful way. I keep my distance from  them but it doesn't matter. Anyway, I just want to tell everyone that I am dam glad to be here.

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