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  1. We are starting a unit here in Roanoke and surrounding area, lf

    interested email me at [email protected] Hope to here from you .


    1. Timothy021785


      I’m already in one I’m trying to network with others. 



      (434) 420-5428

  2. A lot of you have interesting answers to the question. However let’s not jump the gun and go on shooting sprees. I do feel we all need more intel and do it the right way, or else the next the American people will see on the news is “Militia attacks crowd of peaceful protestors” even tho they are far from peaceful. We do need a lot of intel and information. We all need to work together communicate, know where each other are. We can’t be like Antifa or BLM. If you do decide to go after them now don’t kidnap them and go after them in small groups take them out a little at a time For example I’ve already made lots of friends with BLM and Antifa member’s “ keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer”. I’ve also been in contact with a few NFAC members. The militia needs to be more as one then have so many different agendas. So I’ll start heres my number (434) 420-5428, Facebook.com/Virginiasmilitia. I’d like to start networking more with other groups. we need to share more information together, more training, more strategies and etc
  3. The Democrat-controlled Seattle City Council voted late on Monday to advance a highly controversial plan to defund the Seattle Police Department as violent crime and far-left riots have rocked the city in recent months. The Seattle City Council voted to remove approximately $3 million from the Seattle Police Department’s budget, which included: Cut 32 officers from patrol – $533,000 Reduced specialized units including officers assigned to mounted unit, school resource officers, homeland security, harbor patrol, SWAT team – $250,000 Removed officers from Navigation Team, ensuring homeless neighbors are not retraumatized by armed patrol officers – $216,000 Reduced staff budget through recognizing expected attrition – $500,000 Reduced administrative costs, including salaries, community outreach, public affairs Cut $56,000 from training and travel expenses Cut recruitment and retention – $800,000 Transferred victim advocates from SPD to Human Services Department – $377,000 impact. Removed two sworn officer positions from the 911 Emergency Call Center “The committee voted to move the bulk of its proposal forward during its 10 a.m. session, before giving its final approval Monday evening by a 7-1 margin,” MyNorthWest reported. “Councilmember Kshama Sawant was the lone “no” vote, while Debora Juarez — who was not present at Monday’s meetings — abstained. Sawant’s vote against the package was based around her belief that it didn’t go far enough in its reductions to SPD’s funding.” Fox News reported at the start of the month that Seattle was one of several Democrat-controlled cities that had seen a recent spike in “shootings and murders.” “It’s scary, when the cops aren’t here and there’s shootings, people flying up and down the road just having no regard to anybody it seems like,” a local resident told KOMO News. KOMO News highlighted how in just one area of Seattle, Alki Beach, crime had exploded: KOMO News did some digging and according to Seattle Police Department statistics, violent crimes and property crimes are up in the Alki Beach area. According to Seattle Police, for the first seven months of the year, there were 238 crimes reported against people and property. It’s an increase from the same time in 2019 which had 163 reported crimes and 2018 which had 175 reported crimes. The increase is 30 percent comparing crimes against people from 2019 to 2020 and a 50 percent increase comparing property crimes from 2019 to 2020. “It’s a little disappointing,” another resident said. “I just feel there is a lack of police presence, even though you see them, they’re not engaging with the people who are out here dragging racing their cars till midnight or one o’clock, even when you’re calling them they don’t show up.” “I think the police have the most difficult job in the country,” a third resident said. “I think they should be respected and commended for what they do.”
  4. Attorney General William Barr told Fox News host Mark Levin during an interview Sunday that the mainstream media are lying about the far-left violence that has been playing out in the streets across America over recent weeks. “We have the citizen reporters, who have these videos of these events, which are quite different than what we get a lot of times from the media, which seems to be censoring the violence,” Levin said to Barr. “No?” Absolutely. Their narrative – they are projecting a narrative,” Barr said. “When the word narrative came into currency, I knew we were in trouble, because the word narrative really suggests that there’s no objective truth. There’s no real story of what happened, it’s just everyone has their own narrative.” “And you get to then – the press can justify presenting a story that doesn’t really correspond to objective truth, but it’s our narrative. We have a narrative, you have a narrative,” Barr continued. “I’ve been appalled at — on this violence, because it’s happening right out in the streets, anyone with eyes can see what’s happening. They see the violence.” “They see these groups of agitators in their black outfits and their helmets and their shields, which incidentally have the hammer and sickle on them most of the time, rushing the police, causing violence, throwing rocks. The people showing up with the rocks and frozen bottles,” Barr continued. “That’s happening. It’s happening in front of people. You don’t see it on any of the national news, you don’t see it on the networks, you don’t see it on the other cable stations.” “And yet you hear about these peaceful demonstrators,” Barr concluded. “So it’s just – it’s a lie. The American people are being told a lie by the media.”
  5. Would you send me that recipe. I already know how to make thermite and napalm.
  6. Ok the topic was a question “should we declare war on Antifa” not an actual intent as to “we should declare war on Antifa “. Some of you have good answers but some of you have answer that would make most question you choice of being a militia. As to the oath “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same “ of course no one wants war, however some of you are waiting for it to happen instead of stopping it before it’s is an all out war. You I should stop it before it’s an all put war. Would you want the war to happen in your time or your kids time? Is another question to be asked here.
  7. https://www.dailywire.com/news/rioters-storm-portland-suburb-throw-paint-on-elderly-woman-harass-another-using-walker?itm_source=parsely-api%3Futm_content%3Dnews&utm_campaign=daily_shapiro&utm_medium=email&_hsmi=92854088&_hsenc=p2ANqtz--j7OKByBYbyBgiOUVL7X6M655CcjHMe9eSJf6Gf_LGNmBxPlUzrzwDh5rSKz_mSxzTJJneFRDzsN9coXruLftVwUvRSti7KZqtTij2gJPvWO1tep4&utm_source=housefile
    1. BlackbirdBgd


      From my perspective, the declaration has already been made. ANIFA & BLM have already declared war and are actively engaged. The only question is whether our government will step up and deal with the status of war as it stands, or whether they will leave it to us, the People, to fight.


      We need not declare war. We need simply recognize that is where we are.


      It's similar to Pearl Harbor. The act put us in a status of war. We needed only to elect to fight or surrender. At that time, America chose to fight.


      Today, that choice is ours. Do we fight or surrender? The matter of war is no longer the question...

    2. Timothy021785


      You are 100% on point with your comment 

    3. Timothy021785


      You are 100% on point with your comment. Like they say everyone wants to be a patriot, until it’s time to do patriot shit.

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